There’s no time like now

As I begin writing, it’s 20.41 on 13th April, 2013. Hmmm… if I had been paying attention instead of messing around, trying to decide on the perfect WordPress theme for my brand new blog, I could have timed my first post to actually be released to the world at 20.13 – that would have been pleasingly symmetrical.

However, I’m not going to have a tantrum, or even wait until tomorrow to achieve this symmetry (I’m fighting that urge quite hard, believe me!). That would mean wasting this very moment.  I’m sitting at my desk, keeping an eye on the laptop battery, listening to the radio (Radio 4, don’t you know, how grown up and civilised!). Soon, I’ll give in to the call of the TV and put my feet up and call it a day. This is what is happening now. I can’t repeat it – even the film Groundhog Day was about living the same day over and over, each time doing something differently and better (Phil Connors was not a great person at the start), in order for things to work out pleasingly for the protagonist in the end. Continue reading “There’s no time like now”