Traces – Līgo Haibun Challenge

Ever in the market to try new things in the writing world, I have decided to dip my toe in the world of the haibun – a piece of prose followed by a haiku poem. The Līgo Haibun Challenge is hosted by Penny and Ye Pirate – why not take a trip to their blogs to find out more?

This week’s two alternative prompts are Ecstacy and Illusion. I have chosen Illusion, since this does rather reflect how life feels in my slice of this good earth. I hope you enjoy it.


– Traces –

The memory of you lingers, a breath suspended in the frozen air. You are ethereal, a wraith barely visible in the depths of my mind. I reach out, desperate to grasp hold of you. Like a fire it burns – the need to feel the skin of your hand, the smoothness of your fingernails, the rough patch where you rasped your knuckle on the garden gate. All of those details, the minutiae that passed me by, now they are what I search for, relentlessly.

I see you every day – a face in the crowd, a gesture, a tone of voice. I turn swiftly, yearning to catch in the corner of my eye the proof that you are still here. It was all a dream. I have woken, relief engulfing me, arousing me from the acres of sleep into which I have walked, unannounced and unwanted. But you are still gone. Remnants of you are mannerisms, cruelly reflected in my mirror, flat and unsympathetic. I don’t find comfort in the shadows of you.

your voice remains here

in my mind it echoes

joy embrace my lost heart.


16 thoughts on “Traces – Līgo Haibun Challenge

    1. Thank you! I’d seen this challenge a few weeks ago and was intrigued how I could incorporate the haiku part. I do quite like the way that it wraps up the prose portion.

  1. That was a unique moment that I enjoyed very much, with details one really feels when reading, like the rapped knuckles – superb touch. You made that longing raw and real. A very powerful haibun, personal, about emotional memories – nice haiku to wrap. Welcome to us …Very happy you are here with us!

    1. Thank you, YP! I haven’t really had much to do with haiku since I was a teenager, in English Lit classes at school. The art of the haibun is something I didn’t know about until a few weeks ago – I find it intriguing and a great challenge! So, thank you for acting as a co-host on this excellent challenge – I really did enjoy writing this.

  2. I like this on two counts. One because it can be about a partner in life, and it also reminds me of my father. Whose loss was too sudden for us all.

    I’m still catching up on last weeks Ligo reading so I haven’t posted one for this week…yet.
    Thank you for your visit.

    1. Thank you, Jules. I wrote this about my own dad – his loss was definitely too soon and completely out of the blue. But yes, it definitely could be interpreted to encompass the loss of a partner too.

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