DNA – dVerse Poetics

This week’s dVerse Poetics is asking us to open up the paint pots and colour ourselves beautiful in these dark winter days.

So, I hope you enjoy my creation – and please visit dVerse to read all of the other creations!

– DNA –

Jenny Joseph warned us all in 1961

That purple would be her colour when she was old

And on purpose, she would wear a hat of red

That didn’t match, or suit her one bit

My mum would quote this to me, and I would laugh

Looking forward to the day that I could be different

And get away with it.

She already does this – and she’s not old.


My dad wore bright socks and colourful ties

In contrast to his sombre suits

He was a maverick, beating down the walls

From the inside and laughing in the face of bureaucracy

And policy-wonks.

He was different, got away with it, and wasn’t old.


I like to think that I colour the world with words

That I display my inner maverick on the page and screen

Arrowing blood red anger

Transmitting ochre yellow discomfort

Hurling shimmering violet angst

Launching rose petal pink sighs

My thoughts are a rainbow, transmuted.

I am different – just look who taught me.


38 thoughts on “DNA – dVerse Poetics

  1. nice…. inherited the color gen from your parents…ha..love that he wore bright socks to formal suits..how cool is that… smiles… and yeah…poetry surely brings color into the world..

    1. Thank you Ruth! Yes, i care less as I get older, and realise that many of the worries we concern ourselves with are relatively minor, in the end. They are and have been great teachers 🙂

  2. …don’t doubt on how you colour the world with your presence… whatever purpose you may have your contribution still joins in the balance we have around… smiles…

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