No Words Necessary – Līgo Haībun Challenge

The Līgo Haibun Challenge is hosted by Ye Pirate and Ese.

This week we can choose one of two word prompts, either Mirror or Faery, and I have chosen Mirror.

Please do go and check out the other entries by visiting the co-hosts’ blogs and finding the InLinkz linky thing! There are some very talented writers out there… I will visit each and every one as soon as I can!


– No Words Necessary –

The mirror is my wicked step-mother, blasting ice-cold shards of criticism at my cowering reflection, hurling epithets that corkscrew their way into my ears, even though my back is turned, even though I am long gone.

The mirror is my Nemesis, my arch-enemy, my downfall. It knows when I am at my weakest. It knows when I need to look immaculate. It knows when I have the least time to attend to faults highlighted by the unforgiving light like emergency flares.

The mirror magnifies every little thing, every imperfection, all of my worst fears.

The mirror is no friend of mine.

manifesting faults
amplifying blemishes
abuse needs no words

22 thoughts on “No Words Necessary – Līgo Haībun Challenge

  1. Back in my college years……let’s not count how far back……we had an experiment in our psychology class. We had to go a month without looking into a mirror. We took a test on our mood before we started. It is harder than you think and you learn to not look at your reflection in anything. At first it was hard because as women we look to get ready. In the end, we all stopped wearing make up and keeping our hair natural. At the end we were tested again and it was amazing how much better the ladies felt. But of course, we all went back to the mirror.

  2. Stinging words of rebuke from your Mirror…a strong piece of writing but one that leaves me wondering how easy it is for us to hear such words?.Then the question comes…can we change what the Mirror reflects back? Can we see with different eyes? Can the mirror reflect our deep and wholesome goodness too?

    1. I’m glad it provoked lots of questions for you! I think we are open to criticism of this kind when we are listening to our own inner critic which finds our weak spot and keeps on prodding at it. When we are in a better frame of mind, we see the good reflected back at us instead. Just my thoughts, of course!

      1. I agree entirely and I use the mirror consciously now as a tool against the inner critic…I have stolen part of his domain and so now the mirror is for positive self regard.

  3. the mirror – it could either make us or break us. fine line as i see it. i guess it does make sense that how we feel about ourselves will reveal what we see in the mirror. either all the faults or only the present as a good thing. very well put together haibun, thanks.

    1. Thank you, Sun. It’s interesting how day to day, our outer appearance doesn’t change that dramatically day to day, but our inner selves do change in that manner. How do we see those inner feelings reflected in the mirror?

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