has been my colour for aeons
Although –
every now and again
a tiny splash of crimson
splatters its welcome
on my rhino-hued hide.
I have hidden behind
a skin, thickened, calloused
made tough with scars.
I have let life abrade my spirit.
What an error.
This isn’t what living is about –
existing, dragging my carcass
from one day, one hour, one minute
to the next.

I open my hazel eyes –

Crimson is joined by purple
transitioning to royal blue and
macaw green.
Peacock shades flutter, flicker and shimmer
The grey dust dissipates and
my rainbow-heart blossoms.
Colour me joyful
Let the bright one in!



This week, Abhra is our first-time bartender at dVerse Poetics. I am sure he will do a wonderful job ๐Ÿ™‚

Abhra introduces us to a tiny piece of her culture and a very special celebration called Holi – a riotous celebration of colour, love and joy. He has asked us to invite colour into our lives – how does it make us feel about ourselves, about others, how do we open up?

There is a lot about love in her post and her invitation to create our work this week. I’ve taken a bit of a different slant – mainly because right now, I am taking some time to love and look after myself. For me, life at the moment is a bit like what we are instructed to do with those oxygen masks in a plane – I’m putting on my own mask first, before turning to anyone else.

I hope you enjoy my offering this week – as ever, please do let me know, and do go and read the other poets’ work!

*Apologies, Abhra, for getting your gender incorrect in my post last night! As you will see, you are now most definitely a man! I made an assumption, since British names ending in ‘a’ are mostly feminine. Apologies – and I will revisit the dVerse d’Team to swot up on the new team members! In truth, I meant to do that a while ago… and forgot!

44 thoughts on “Erupt

  1. Great that you are gradually shedding the gray elements in your lives and have begun to adopt warmer colors that highlight the brighter you. I like how your poem can be read both literally and metaphorically.

    1. Well, that’s partly the reason why I put a little back story underneath. I do like to explain (if it’s not obvious), where my head is at, and also, if what I have written is utter fantasy or not! Thank you/

  2. smiles…first, i rather love rhinos….i have a few around the house…and a few books on them as well…but i like how you used them…creating that armored hide…to hide behind…life is def tough on us at times…it is good though that you have opened your eyes and are inviting the colors of joy in…smiles…loving yourself is important, and allows you to then love others…

    1. I assume that’s not real rhinos, Brain ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement, as always. Armour is all well and good and sometimes needed, but not all the time, no. We need to let life in, find that chink!

  3. Hi Freya. It is interesting how sometimes a particular color resonates with a person, isn’t it? For you it is gray. For me it really is blue, though in recent times I have tried to embrace other colors as well.. Sometimes we must go outside our comfort zone. It seems like that is just what you have done;and for that, I commend you.

    1. Thank you, Mary. I can now see that even before my dad died last summer, I had a wall in place in certain respects (the grey part, the rhino-hide). After adding further layers of bricks to it, I am now in demolition stage. Nothing can hurt more than losing a loved one, so what is there left to lose (and I don’t mean that in a bleak way)?

  4. I love the peacock shades and rainbow heart blossoms ~ Let the colors overpower the grey, color me joyful & happ ~ And on another note our new bartender is a He, smiles ~

  5. I like that you take a different view to the theme here – but use of colors are stunning. Smiles.

    One small request. Gender confusion about me there – if you can correct it please. I thought you would have seen my inclusion in the D’team.

  6. Self-love trumps self-loathing for sure, like Paul & John suggest, “the love you get is equal to the love you give.”–and hey we need to start at home, on our own bones, with the reflection in the mirror. As a gemini, my natural aura is brownish-green, earth colors, but I have always been partial to the magma hues, lava, blood, rubies, sunflowers, citrus hues. Good on you for doing the introspection, the overdue overhaul; love the poem, hope it is prophetic.

  7. How wonderful that you are finding colour in your life again. I love the idea of a rainbow coloured heart.

  8. Wonderful celebration of your breakaway from a gray period and the joys of new-found colors. Enjoyed your reading–gave additional insight into your written words.

  9. I quite agree about grey. It’s never flat or boring, comes in a infinite number of temperatures and shades. Very good choice, very good poem, Freya.

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