Please Don’t Flush – dVerse


I am the great restaurant mechanic
computing angels
and giving birth to corpses.
I under-wear overstuffed orphans
who listen to me with their fingers
and replicate my uniqueness,
each copy unlike the other
Flying through granite,
lead elevates me
to the next dimension,
marking time with butterflies
and jousting tomatoes,
who smile at me
with luminous plates,
expressive as a pea-souper fog
which, as you know
always sometimes fails
successfully to be heard.
I am the great restaurant mechanic –
wear my sausages with pride!


This week, on dVerse Meeting the Bar, Claudia has asked us to go crazy, throw caution to the winds and connect the unconnectable! Sometimes, making no sense at all makes total, perfect sense.

My offering was written without much concentrated thinking – sometimes I just like to chuck a few words on the screen/page and see what happens.

Please pop over to dVerse to read some excellent poems. Join in – we don’t bite!



26 thoughts on “Please Don’t Flush – dVerse

  1. hey i would mark time with butterflies….i like how each copy is a little different exactly…ha…contradictions for sure…failing successfully is the key…sausage salute!

  2. smiles… it makes perfect sense to just let go and let the words run wild a bit – esp. after a long day – glad you had some fun freya

  3. Where I come from a sausage salute was prelude to monkey business; loved the free-wheeling, wheels off, verve of this one. giving birth to death is heavy duty, & happens all too much in have-not third world spheres; necro-birthing, I guess.

  4. This is perfectly done according to the stated guidelines. It can really create wonders. And the good thing is that it can go on and on! Great write Freya!


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