Fade away – dVerse Quadrille 10


Ethereal as the breeze you are –

were. You are gone now,

but were you ever here?

I have nothing physical,

no artefact to lay my hands on,

even the pocket-watch is hearsay,

passed to me the day after.

‘It was his father’s’.

I wonder.

Tonight Bjorn is barkeep over at dVerse, and is inviting us to write a Quadrille (a poem of 44 words), incorporating the word ‘breeze’ in the body of the poem.

I have no idea why ‘breeze’ inspired me to write this memory – for that’s what it is, and that is the pocket-watch above. Bizarrely the time it stopped working at (many years ago, I assume) is the time in the evening that my dad died.

Of course, you can be much more upbeat, sensual, comedic in your response – the choice is all yours! Please do take part though – it’s a great crowd over there!

41 thoughts on “Fade away – dVerse Quadrille 10

  1. Breeze of time has
    no rigid ticks or tocks..
    there was a tIme when
    both i and wife walk around
    the block after two years of
    flight or fight stress for me..
    she says oh that is weird
    it feels like time suddenly
    slowed down..
    a split second
    after i felt this
    feeling of gravity
    slowing time like
    never ever before..
    iN January of 2008..
    i never looked at reaLITy
    the sAMe after thaT or time
    as ever just tick tock again
    and no… now reTired since
    then i have alMost no perception
    oF tiMe aT all.. iN fAct i’M sure iT
    doesn’T eXist wITh only noW aS reaLITy..:)

  2. “Ethereal as the breeze you are –were. You are gone now, but were you ever here?”
    ~Oh my, this almost broke my heart. A beautifully, heartfelt poem you have Frey… ❤

  3. That last line really got me. Interesting how those tangible objects (or lack thereof) can be such a strong tie to the memories of a loved one.

    1. Thank you, Brian. Yes, it struck me that all we have, without those tangibles, are memories. What happens when those memories fade, or get stolen away with illness?

  4. This hits home. I have my grandfather’s pocket watch. In permanent ill-repair now, but in the day he would have me wind it for him. That’s how I’m sure it is his! Thanks for sharing this, Freya!

    1. It is such a complex thing, this grief, this loss and I feel that so much in reading your poem. I’m on my phone, travelling home from work and can’t write a comment on your blog. I will do, later this evening.

      1. Hey Freya, that is perfectly fine. I shared that because I realize there is a very different feeling that drives me with respect to people that I have lost. Especially, the person in whose memory I wrote that.

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