Fade away – dVerse Quadrille 10


Ethereal as the breeze you are –

were. You are gone now,

but were you ever here?

I have nothing physical,

no artefact to lay my hands on,

even the pocket-watch is hearsay,

passed to me the day after.

‘It was his father’s’.

I wonder.

Tonight Bjorn is barkeep over at dVerse, and is inviting us to write a Quadrille (a poem of 44 words), incorporating the word ‘breeze’ in the body of the poem.

I have no idea why ‘breeze’ inspired me to write this memory – for that’s what it is, and that is the pocket-watch above. Bizarrely the time it stopped working at (many years ago, I assume) is the time in the evening that my dad died.

Of course, you can be much more upbeat, sensual, comedic in your response – the choice is all yours! Please do take part though – it’s a great crowd over there!

41 thoughts on “Fade away – dVerse Quadrille 10

  1. Breeze of time has
    no rigid ticks or tocks..
    there was a tIme when
    both i and wife walk around
    the block after two years of
    flight or fight stress for me..
    she says oh that is weird
    it feels like time suddenly
    slowed down..
    a split second
    after i felt this
    feeling of gravity
    slowing time like
    never ever before..
    iN January of 2008..
    i never looked at reaLITy
    the sAMe after thaT or time
    as ever just tick tock again
    and no… now reTired since
    then i have alMost no perception
    oF tiMe aT all.. iN fAct i’M sure iT
    doesn’T eXist wITh only noW aS reaLITy..:)

  2. “Ethereal as the breeze you are –were. You are gone now, but were you ever here?”
    ~Oh my, this almost broke my heart. A beautifully, heartfelt poem you have Frey… ❤

  3. This hits home. I have my grandfather’s pocket watch. In permanent ill-repair now, but in the day he would have me wind it for him. That’s how I’m sure it is his! Thanks for sharing this, Freya!

    1. It is such a complex thing, this grief, this loss and I feel that so much in reading your poem. I’m on my phone, travelling home from work and can’t write a comment on your blog. I will do, later this evening.

      1. Hey Freya, that is perfectly fine. I shared that because I realize there is a very different feeling that drives me with respect to people that I have lost. Especially, the person in whose memory I wrote that.

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