Uranium – Wordle 111 May 30th 2106


My thoughts are wound on a spool

knotted, Gordian-style so that nobody

– especially you –

can steal them.

I don’t think you have the capability

– the facility –

to do so,

but you never know

you never know.

You are so effusive,

your constant noise

drives me insane.

You upset me,

you deafen and blind me,

you make me drowsy

just with the effort to maintain

my equanimity.

Your thoughts are dull

but your tongue is supple.





Your words are a miasma

I gurgle and choke

but you don’t even notice.

Another prompt from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – use at least ten out of the twelve words in the Wordle prompt above!

Goodness only knows where this poem came from, but hey, that’s part of the fun!

Do take part, read other prompts, but most of all, enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Uranium – Wordle 111 May 30th 2106

  1. Your thoughts are dull

    but your tongue is supple.

    I also really love the section about stealing thoughts. Outstanding use of the Wordle, an emotional piece for me

    1. Thank you. It was somewhat inspired by an overheard conversation in town yesterday (although I didn’t realise until afterwards). The barrage of words and sentences filled with ‘and she was like’ and ‘and I was like’ felt so oppressive and energy-draining.
      I hope the emotions weren’t too hard to handle.

  2. Wonderful use of the words Freya. The wordle is such fun when you have words like medulla to try and work in…..I loved this one: “Your words are a miasma” – I found this the hardest one to use so well done to you…

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