Petulant Hair – dVerse Poetics


She is brushing her strawberry blonde hair

She fusses with it all the time

It drives me mad, I truly declare

It’s a good job she is a true love of mine


The mirror’s no stranger to her face

She’s gazing in it all the time

I sometimes wish her I could replace

But she has her hooks in me, this true love of mine


The bathroom door is locked again

She’s used all the water yet one more time

I’m angry and bored of this refrain

Damn her she is the true love of mine


She’s left all the bath towels strewn on the floor

My wardrobe is full of her clothes, not mine

For one pair of my shoes, she owns four more

She’s addicted to fashion, this true love of mine


I sheared off her hair in the midst of the night

A revenge I dreamed on all the time

Sorry to say, she looks such a fright

But she’ll always be the true love of mine.


Tonight, Mish is our friendly barkeep at the dVerse pub and has asked us to write something like a song, or a singable.

Recently I found myself listening to some Simon & Garfunkel – I had forgotten how much I loved their version of Scarborough Fair – and also how it reminded me of my mum singing lots of different folk songs around the house when I was growing up. This is a tongue in cheek version (in case you hadn’t worked it out!) about a frustrated paramour’s thoughts on his (or her) very vain true love!

Here’s a link to the Simon & Garfunkel version – enjoy!

Do head on over to dVerse to see how others have faired with his fun prompt – or take part yourself, why not?!

35 thoughts on “Petulant Hair – dVerse Poetics

      1. She has a lovely voice and the lyrics are excellent. I particularly like
        …’the stars came fallin’ on our heads
        but they’re just old light, they’re just old light’
        Thank you for introducing me to her!

  1. A tricky ballad, moving from light-hearted to anger & revenge. I hear Billy Joel or lton John singing it to their piano licks. What fun to be out on the trail listening to the music within poetics.

  2. My ears said “folk” before I read your note at the bottom, so I was close! I think this could produce some good laughs if it was performed. Comical and clever lyrics. Great job!!

  3. I love the refrain, true love of mine ~ I was smiling at the end with the shearing of the hair ~ Love the sense of humor too ~

  4. Ah.. the beauty
    of Unconditional
    Love never coloRinG
    haiR or do
    that falls
    or not
    sHoulder liMe liGht..
    And.. oh the Clothes
    that carry BeautY iN
    SilKen Cotton noW
    Lore as GRace
    and Oh God..
    so many
    BiLLs sPent
    to carry Love..
    Clothed without
    a handle.. now.. for
    woe.. ah..
    Love StiLL
    SinGS as ColoRed HAir..:)

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