Even the stars – dVerse Poetics



even the stars

delight in sweet repose

earned from shining all but invisibly

behind clouds hanging heavy

during  long winter’s nights

they mirror our joy

as we dig our toes

deep into sand

 – baked –

under the gaze of sweet summer sun

we sigh as the stars fade in early morn

the pale sky deepening to azure blue

as the sun reaches her zenith

we sigh

the stars rest

as we do


Summer has officially begun, and over on dVerse Poetics, Walt (our friendly host this evening) invites us to wax lyrical, inspired by the (hopefully) halcyon days of the warmest weeks and months ahead.

Here in the UK, this season is a mixed blessing, mostly a hoped for thing of long, hot, rain-free days, rather than an actuality! Still, the dark nights are shorter, the light is with us for longer, even if not rain free!

Walt has asked us to take our inspiration from one of the poems and poets he has included in his prompt, or perhaps use one from another dVerse contributor, or another poem/poet entirely. I have taken the line ‘even the stars’ from Kobayashi Issa’s ‘Summer Night’, which Walt shared with us in his prompt.

As always, I invite you to read the offerings from the other members of the dVerse community – and to take part if you feel so inspired! It’s fun, relaxing, and you’ll definitely get a warm welcome!



30 thoughts on “Even the stars – dVerse Poetics

  1. the pale sky deepening to azure blue
    as the sun reaches her zenith
    we sigh

    Beautiful!! Your words shine through bright as the stars ❤

    Lots of love,

  2. /we sigh as the stars fade in early morn/ is a terrific line; this prompt seems perfect for you; nice job.

  3. I feel envious of the warm summer even when ours lasts as long as it does as today it is windy and cold as we go through our winter…..lovely as always Freya…

      1. It’s 6am and my bed is very warm…..they tell me our weekend is going to be colder, maybe a frost? I can’t wait…not…though I do have an ambition to one day spend Christmas in the northern hemisphere just to see a white Christmas. It’s crazy I know.

  4. Snap! I wrote a star poem too, but using a line from a different poem.
    My favourite lines:
    ‘we sigh as the stars fade in early morn
    the pale sky deepening to azure blue’
    which encompass a gentle irony.

  5. even the stars delight in sweet repose….sigh…that is such a lovely line. I could have stopped there and been perfectly happy but so glad I finished the beautiful poem. Lovely.

  6. Love the idea of the stars enjoying summer too! 🙂 Just catching up with my reading — lovely summer morning here in Boston– made all the more lovely by words like yours 🙂

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