Beneath – Prompt Night A Dash of Sunny


Cut me open first,

then you.

Carve a Y incision like we’re post- mortem

but remember, we’re still breathing, keep that in mind.


Here we are, our organs exposed to the same air, steaming slightly.

That’s a good sign.

If you look carefully, just there, that’s right, you can see my heart beating,

nestled behind its bone-cage.

Protected. Safe.

Slide your fingers between,

touch it, go on, absorb its vitality, its strength, its determination.

Now feel yours.

What’s different?

Nothing? Nothing.

It’s like we’re the same underneath.

Let’s stand side by side, let’s look in the mirror.

Ignore the blonde hair not black, ignore the skin of a darker hue, ignore the blue eyes versus brown

Stare deep within

See my lungs, intestines, maybe even my liver hidden at the back.

Give yourself the same scrutiny.

We’re the same, inside,

nothing much to separate us really.

We’re all blood, bone and guts in the end.

The same.

Hate me, and you’re hating yourself.


Such a waste.


Here’s my entry to this week’s prompt from A Dash of Sunny, where we are invited to write prose or poetry intended to dispel hatred. I’ve been pondering on this on and off all day, since my first thought was that I needed to write something light, cheerful and, well, sunny. The thing is, that’s not my metier (not right now, anyway). I inhabit the dark side mostly, and whilst I can write light, cheerful and sunny, it’s something that I need ot practice at. And at this end of the week, I feel rather drained!

Anyway, I took another approach – focusing on our similarities, highlighting that no matter what, we are all just humans underneath. But with a dark twist, of course. I hope you like it (or if not, perhaps appreciate it for what it is), I hope it fills the brief sufficiently well.

And as is my usual way, I encourage you to read the other entries and… take part yourself!

31 thoughts on “Beneath – Prompt Night A Dash of Sunny

  1. This is Excellent! If only people would grasp that simple thought–that we’re all the same when it comes to the ingredients with which the Creator made us…

  2. ‘We’re all blood, bone and guts in the end.The same. Hate me, and you’re hating yourself. Such a waste.’

    Whistles!! ❀❀ Goodness gracious, this is such a powerful rendition Freya πŸ˜€ its perfect! You have put your finger upon a really wise point in this poem. Beautifully executed. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support ❀❀

    Lots of love,

  3. Most apt and timely Freya. What a failure mankind is on this earth; let’s hope the creatures that inherit it are poets as well.

  4. Brilliant piece, Freya! Your first line inspired me to write mine, so I jumped on it before finishing yours. It turns out that both of our pieces have a similar ending, although opposite. πŸ™‚

  5. I think you have written a very real poem – we don’t have to be cheerful in order to hope for the best for humankind..and i feel that here..the personal tone in which you address the world invites a sense of strength

  6. “Hope comes from darkness; out of darkness. Without the dark, would there be the light. I think the autopsy/mirror is an excellent vehicle for expressing hope,” she said, finally taking a breath.
    “Incredible piece of poetry!,” she added.

  7. Physically we are the same, unfortunately it is the mindset that is often different…
    Anna :o]

  8. This is fantastic, Freya. The spreading of flesh and bone, the baring of feelings, the pain of the cutting to show that we are the same, bleed the same, want the same… underneath. Wonderful piece!

  9. Visiting you from Prompt Nights…and I must say you have written a brilliant poem that definitely fits the theme…..I was visualizing so clearly as I read your lines and wow it was powerful….and a perfect ending because hate is such a waste!

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