Icebound – dVerse

No, do not reach inside of me.
Not any more.
For there is nothing left.

24 thoughts on “Icebound – dVerse

  1. Praise upon fine poetics, as you inhabit & dwell within the microcosm of a poet’s realm, where black holes are negotiable & no subject is beyond reach or comment.

  2. This is stunning, Freya. I particularly love these lines:
    ‘We pace in silent circles, keeping each in the other’s line of sight.
    We have learned well.’

  3. Such desolation and coldness. I specially admire:

    We have bludgeoned until naught is left
    save blood and an ocean of our tears

    Thank you Freya for your support of our 5th year celebration~

  4. Thanks for accepting the challenge, Freya. A tough nut to crack, and you’ve done it with aplomb. There is an inherent sadness within the quote. You’ve captured it so well. And thanks for the fine compliment!

  5. Most excellent write. Do not plunder the spoils of our internecine warfare. Do not do that…sadly, we have learned too well. A very cold and very sad poem here. Absolutely stunning.

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