Masque – Prompt Nights A Dash of Sunny


The Duel After the Masquerade – Jean-Leon Gerome


jewels, there are

of all hues, brilliances and luminosities

the world cannot see them,

hidden in plain sight

behind my facade.

i like it that way,

i like that convention (one that i have created)

creates the masquerade

of normality.

jewels, there are,

meant to be hidden,

meant to be mystery,

revealed only to those who i choose.

and even then, do they see me as i am?


This week, over on A Dash of Sunny, we are asked to write on the hidden realm… what an enormous number of possibilities that offers! I chose to write on what lies behind the mask we all present to the world day in, day out. How can anyone really know who we are, anyone at all?

Please do head on over to A Dash of Sunny to find out how others have interpreted this prompt – or take part!


18 thoughts on “Masque – Prompt Nights A Dash of Sunny

  1. I think we all have that hidden realm of mystery inside. It is a good retreat and I don’t invite just anyone either. A very relatable poem.

  2. During these days of uncertainty (or always), we must guard our treasures. Exposure is good, but too much of it can certainly leave us bare. May we all enjoy the gifts of our masquerades.

  3. Many times the mask is necessary ,,, when not in use we do wonder, ” even then,do they see me as i am?” I can relate to your words very well,,,

  4. Whistles!!! ❤💜 My goodness Freya, this is an absolutely incredible response to the prompt 😀 especially love the reference to “Jewels, there are, meant to be hidden, meant to be mystery, revealed only to those who i choose.” Its an age old mystery I suppose being able to decipher what truly lies behind the mask which people wear.. (in order to deceive us) and hopefully we’ll be able to see people for what they really are. Beautifully executed. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support. ❤💜

    Lots of love,

  5. How few people see us as we really are. We are much like jewels people will see us but not who we really are and our history. Excellent poem.

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