The Unbelievers – dVerse Poetics


Many don’t believe that I have

fears, worries, concerns,

that I panic frequently,

count the ticking of the clock

eyes wide open

in the darkest, empty, least-forgiving hours.

Many don’t believe.


I am a swan, so it seems

serene above

paddling like fury below

not believing in my abilities

afraid to make the mistake

when the true mistake is not trying at all.

Many don’t believe me when I share this.

Many don’t believe.


I go ahead and do ‘the thing’ anyway

I push myself, if diffidently

to the front of the crowd

of writers, poets, artists and illustrators,

for not to try would be worse than failing.

And I would not forgive myself for my cowardice.


But still, many don’t believe.


This week, on dVerse Poetics, our lovely host Mish asks to write about whatt we are afraid of. Mostly, and not including the overwhelmingly huge matters of politics, economey, environment and so on into consideration, mostly I am afraid of myself. But it seems that I put up a good front of calm… like the swan.

What are you afraid of? Do you want to share with us? Head on over to dVerse and enter into some poetic catharsis.


42 thoughts on “The Unbelievers – dVerse Poetics

  1. I like this so much…the openness and reflection. The swan was such a beautiful analogy. I believe your fear but I am so glad that you face it. Your writing is a gift to all of us.

  2. Oh Lord.. the invisible disability
    of anxiety of fear the same
    in general
    ease of
    being free..
    and all the other
    invisible disabilities that
    can come in liFE.. and it was
    amazing as i seriously at one
    point was diagnosed with 19 disorders
    that no one could see on the outside of me..
    pull your bootstraps up.. it could be worse until
    2 years passed and diagnosed with the worst pain
    known to humankind as medical literature related it
    to a pain worse than literal crucifixion.. per type two
    Trigeminal Neuralgia.. seriously after one goes to hell
    it’s hard to be scared.. almost impossible to be scared
    after doing that for 66 months before the end of July 2013..
    but heights..
    they do sTiLL
    scare me.. even after
    faLLinG to point zero of
    Being HUman then..
    as the walKing
    Dead iN SpiRit.. REAL..:)

  3. Your repetition is very effective.

    This is my favorite part:

    “eyes wide open

    in the darkest, empty, least-forg hours.

    Many don’t believe.

    I am a swan”

  4. I think we learn more from failing & falling; very honest & personal reflection. I guess we are socialized to mask our fears–but yes, it is best to face them.

  5. Poignantly written! I think most of us have felt this way. I fear my self, too- the things that I can’t and cannot do. You are one brave swan, I believe. πŸ™‚

  6. Oh how much I admire this. The swan analogy, the fear of NOT doing the thing, greater than the fear of making a mistake at it. The emotional self-flagellation we hide. You’re right many would not believe, but I’m sure all of us here at dVerse do. Excellent write.

  7. Hi Freya! I think the strong facade is almost always seen as strong soul too. This poem explained that so well. I so love these lines, by the way:
    “I am a swan, so it seems

    serene above

    paddling like fury below”

  8. Ah, yes! Courage is just fear moving in a forward direction… never an absence of fear. Your poet’s voice speaks that out courageously. Well done!

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