dVerse – Poetics 427 – Incompatible

I’m a little late to enter into the dVerse Poetics night (a whole day late!), but I’m not quite back in the swing of things yet. Our lovely host has invited us to write a poem using the word ‘folly’, in whatever way we prefer. I do enjoy it when words can have different meanings, as there will be even more variety to the entries!

Why not hope over and take a look, read some of the poems and maybe even take part yourself? In the meantime, here’s my entry, I hope you enjoy it!


I was caught at a moment of weakness, sure,

cast adrift on a sea of detritus all of my own making,

so I had thought, so I had told myself, so I had flagellated myself with

the endless, barbed telling,

the recriminations encasing me in a mummy’s shroud of suffocation.

You, oh so clever, ever aware, ever searching for that one, weak point

swooped down, a bird of prey to my mouse-shrunken self

and plucked me away to dizzying, airless heights,

making me yours, entombing me in your inky black soulless centre.

Oh what folly, of mine, of yours, what utter, blind stupidity.

Since when does a creature of the earth ride well with Death?

17 thoughts on “dVerse – Poetics 427 – Incompatible

  1. I love the last two lines! Also the description of the predator having an “inky black soulless centre.”
    There is a rawness and vulnerability in the lines leading up to the “mouse-shrunken self” that plays well against the predator taking full advantage and then the notion that it’s folly on both parts. An interesting read!

  2. there are deep layers here Freya .. others can and often do deceive us but we are also quite cruel to ourselves! Fascinating writing, take care

    PS no time limit, if mr linky is shut you just link it to the next open link night … one tomorrow night that Bjorn hosts if you are tech savvy you can join in live and read your own poem out 🙂

    1. Thank you Kate. This is partially about some personal life experiences, but not entirely 🙂 I like to use pieces of my life experience as a springboard!

      And thank you for reminding me that there is no time limit, and about tomorrow. If I can, I’ll join in, it depends how busy my evening is. 😊

      1. I don’t have the tech skills but it does sound like a load of fun!

        Using your own experiences make it more realistic, keep up the great writing 🙂

  3. I think that those dark beings are well aware of how to play to your insecurities and exploit them. They drain you and always seem surprised when someone catches on to their games. I’m happy you gave the boot to that hob-nobber-with-darkness.

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