The Telling – dVerse Form for All

– The Telling –

the death instinct is mine to share
all my entrails in its possession
alone in berlin i taste it, here
its potency is my obsession

the gone girl haunts echoing streets
her fate infects the stones of the walls
i dream of escape, but none can save
me from her torment; her curdling calls

she follows, chases, tracks my steps
the harbour drowning in fear and flood
her one last revolt, desperate, frantic
fuelled by passion, a fire in the blood

the red coffin is now her home
laid to rest, no honour, no glory
few come to witness, care or lament
here i remain, trapped in her story


What a joyous inspiration in this week’s dVerse Form for All – weave a poem inspired by the books on your shelves! My pile in my office held rich pickings for me…

Freya's novel office library

Freya’s novel office library

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