Foundered – dVerse Poetics


My encasement has shattered.

The ice shower sprinkle

doesn’t register at first,

merely tickling my eardrums with fairy sparkle.

But then millions of shards dagger the ground

exploding, pounding the back of my eyeballs

as the pressure wave roils and rolls towards me –

a tsunami.

My protective, self-mandated tomb is shattered

and my soul bleeds, splattering the earth

as fat raindrops in the tail-end of a summer storm.

I have been breached.


A deceptively tough write this week on dVerse Poetics, hosted by Walt… what does love sound like? It can be any kind of love, but the sound? Wow! I’m in reflective mood (so often the case!), and am thinking about my dad, as time continues to pass and I see him in a different light.

This is a little informed by the tidal wave of feelings that washed over me during his short illness and funeral, and the immediate aftermath. I can write differently now. I can confess to the depths of my feelings, without bitterness. It’s a release.

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Beyond Measure – Līgo Haībun Challenge

The Līgo Haibun Challenge is hosted by  Ye Pirate and Ese – Penny and Nightlake are taking some time to work on other projects – it’s great to be busy!

This week’s is word prompt week, either:

Treasure or Despair

Ye Pirate has requested that we use the word itself in our haibun, as well as including a concrete location! Such a challenge must be met! 🙂

I am choosing Treasure – but what kind, I hear you ask…? Read on to find out!

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– Beyond Measure –

Sometimes, we don’t truly comprehend how unanswered questions torment us, until the mystery is solved. I speak from experience. I speak from hauling myself up, what seemed to be at times, an almost perpendicular learning curve this year. I speak from the standpoint of recognising what it means when we talk about not knowing what lies around the corner for us.

If a soothsayer had warned me on New Year’s Day that I would have lost my lovely dad to a sudden and unexpected illness, that I would have had to watch him die over 12 excruciating days, that I would have been there to witness his passing, that I would read a eulogy at his funeral…. well, I would have asked if his crystal ball, runes, tea leaves and the like had suffered a malfunction. It is good that we don’t know what is coming.

This is not a plea for sympathy. We all experience this kind of loss, these sorts of awful situations – the only certainty in life, is death.

But there are upsides that have come my way, over time. For all of my life, I have wondered how, and when, my parents met. I never felt I could ask, since they divorced when I was so very young. I didn’t want to poke sticks in a hornets’ nest (see, I was imagining the worst). But I plucked up the courage to ask the other day. The worst, after all, had already happened.

My treasure is two-fold. I learned that they met at a dance, at the Walker Hall in Edgbaston, Birmingham. It still exists. It’s a beautiful place. It suits what I continued to learn about what brought them together. It makes me smile. I also, completely by accident, found a book of poetry that my dad had kept for almost 44 years – a gift from my mum to him, on his 17th birthday. I am struggling to describe how much this means to me. To know beyond doubt that for a brief and sparkling time, they were in love.

I have felt that my history has been so full of mist and fog – and I had grown used to the not knowing. Now it feels as if a weight has been lifted.


secrets are revealed

in words spoken, scribed and read

no more shadows here