Past Participle – Līgo Haibun Challenge

The Līgo Haibun Challenge is hosted by Penny, Ye Pirate and Nightlake – why not take a trip to their blogs to find out more?

This week I was honoured and surprised to receive a special mention for my writing in September – thank you to all of the hosts for this – I am blessed!

This week’s two alternative prompts are:




I have chosen Fascination – I hope you enjoy it.

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– Past Participle –

Every day, the girl inspects herself in the mirror. Sometimes in the morning’s cold daylight, harsh on her soft skin, sometimes at night, when the mood lighting deepens the shadows under her eyes.

She cannot help herself. It is an addiction of sorts, this searching for signs of similarity and difference, familiarity and individuality.

Are those hazel eyes, flecked with amber and green, hers alone or a memory of her history? Does the way that she tilts her head, noting all her faults and inconsistencies, mimic the mannerism of some long-forgotten ancestor? Somewhere in her past did a work-worn girl wonder at her own, ethereal, river-bound reflection as she stole a moment’s rest from her careworn day?

pause and ponder
search for your history
always be yourself