What Lies Beneath – Alastair’s Photo Fiction

Here is my offering for Alastair’s Photo Fiction this week, inspired by the photo below.  Why not take part? And why not visit his photography and writing blog to take a look at his other photos…?

Copyright - Kattermonran

Copyright – Kattermonran

– What Lies Beneath –

The four seasons are a distant memory – those days are long gone. Now we have The Dry and The Wet. I miss the crunch of autumn leaves underfoot, the mists hanging in the valleys at sunrise.

The onslaught of rain is tough at first. One day, the sun is high and fierce enough to leave us all parched at each ragged breath, the next the air is heavy, clouds low and pregnant with water. After a few weeks, the downpour ceases for a while, puddles lie still. It is this time that will find me, toes touching the very edge of one of these glistening pools, watching, waiting, staring.

“Alison? Alison! I’m here.”

The voice is faint, as if my imagination is playing cruel tricks. But this is real, agonisingly so.

The Washed Away, they call them. Most believe that they were drowned in the Flood Times, when the heavens opened for four long years. But I know the truth. Yes, they were washed away, but not drowned. Just taken down; down to The Below.

“Mother! It’s so good to see you!”

We smile, making do. It’s all we have.


Reflections – dVerse Form for All: Ballads

– Reflections –

Mists hang low in valleys soft
The sun suspended, brings the dawn
Creatures stir, send sighs aloft
Fields jewel-encrusted, sparkle

Nature’s joys in sharp relief
To inner turmoil, loss and pain
My heart it trembles, not with grief
But contentment, long-awaited

I see the beauty through Dad’s eyes
His artist’s gift, perception
My heart it lifts, my own sunrise
His smile in mine reflected.


This is in honour of my dad, who we lost this summer too soon for Autumn’s mists.  He championed Nature in his work, and his art.

Thank you, dVerse for the inspiration. Enjoy many, many more ballads here.

Summer – Trifextra week 72

I’m on a bit of a writing buzz today, so couldn’t resist my first entry into one of the Trifecta writing challenges – Trifextra. I’ve had my eye on this blog for a little while – it’s time to jump in!

This weekend’s Trifextra challenge is to write exactly 33 words on what summer means to the writer. Summer means many things to me, so my offering below is just one aspect.


As a late-leaving office worker, now I can enjoy my version of London in all its deserted, light-blessed glory. No crowds to dodge, just space in which to reflect on the glass-bound skyscrapers.

By Freya Writes

By Freya Writes