Half-hearted – dVerse Meeting the Bar


Would you be able to tell me how

it is that they

almost always, or sometimes never

remained awake, or easily slept,

or simply behaved like

time was unimportant, buried

within a drawer containing no more than dented cutlery?


After a terribly long absence – life, you know? – I felt moved this evening to mosey on down to the dVerse Poets’ Pub and throw myself in to the creative juices that were flowing there (along with the beer and shots, know what I’m sayin’?).

So, the latest challenge is to write a poem in the form that is known as the Golden Shovel. I confess, it’s a new one on me, but so much fun! I can see myself delving into this form again. It’s fair to say that I’ve been away from poetry for a while, but strangely reconnected through a BBC drama I’ve been watching recently about how a family deal with their son’s newly diagnosed autism.

Anyway, the poem that inspired me to write my contribution is called ‘To his lost lover’, written by a British poet called Simon Armitage. I realised part way through that writing a poem where each line must end (in order) with a word from your selected line of poetry was quite a challenge, but I loved my selected line so much, I wasn’t about to give up and choose an easier, or shorter option!

How they never slept like buried cutlery

Yep. That was the line I chose from Simon Armitage’s beautiful poem. I hope I’ve done him justice with my creation tonight!

If you want to take part, please head on over to this page on the dVerse blog. Do have a go!