Above All

Willo-the-whisp shimmers

Shrouds moon in



New moon to wax crescent

Full moon wanes –



Star-drenched night, full with light –




This week, on dVerse Meeting the Bar, Victoria introduces us to Tilus poetry, created by Kelvin S-M. This is true micro-poetry, three lines long, with 6 syllables in the first line, 3 syllables in the second line and 1 syllable in the final line. The first two lines should form the first part of the poem, with the final line forming the second part. As Kelvin says:-

The main focus of Tilus is on the world of Nature, and how it can open a new door to a wider understanding of life and beyond. The form aims to be epic in emotions expressed, more importantly, than to be epic in words.”

I have offered three separate poems, which when taken together, I hope fulfil this! And yes, I know it’s cheating, using three, but hey… 🙂

Please pop over to dVerse to see how others have risen to the challenge!