What is your Command key?

Silence, or prefacing every statement with ‘I’m sorry…’?

Do you wish the earth would swallow you whole

and lick its primordial lips in satisfaction?

Do you hide behind a wing of hair

arranged just so?


Or, are you a ‘bloody difficult woman’

never phased by the company of the other

fully comfortable in your own skin?

Do you feel like you’re acting your confidence,

or does it sit well with you, in the face of the establishment?

Are you fighting to be taken seriously?

Have you been persuaded it’s all in your head, dear?



Do you not quite fit?

not mother

not lover

not virgin

not whore

– because you are just you, and don’t ache to meet those stereotypes?

Are you a square peg in a round hole, a dodecahedron, even?

Are you so multi-faceted that you defy all (non)-conventions?


Good for you

Be you.


It amuses me, where inspiration comes from. I listen to Woman’s Hour on Radio 4, and recently there have been some very interesting discussions/debates on what a woman ‘is’ or ‘ought’ to be. So, on the journey home tonight, I wrote this. I hope you enjoy it, whatever sex you are!