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wyeth n c Dark Harbor Fisherman

Dark Harbor, 1943, N. C. Wyeth

“We have too much food here, Jacob. What are we supposed to do with it all? It wasn’t our plan to empty the sea of all its fish.”

“Nonsense, Simeon, nonsense! There is no such thing as too much fish! How ungrateful you are! Me and my men have risked life and limb on the mountainous waves to bring this fine haul home to harbour. Not a life lost, not a bruise nor a scrape did we sustain. Does it not cross your mind to utter one word of thanks?”

“But where is your common sense? All of our salt has been used for the preserving of meat and our barrels are taken with wine. We cannot consume the fish fast enough. It will be left to waste and rot by the quay.”

“You see problems where there are none, Simeon. I propose a feast – let us build a bonfire, barbecue the meat over the flames and wash it all down with copious gallons of wine. We will have empty barrels, spare salt and extremely happy villagers. A solution, do you not agree?”

“I suppose I do, Jacob. You are an ingenious man, so it seems…”


Here’s my latest entry to Magpie Tales – Jacob is a quick-thinking chap, no?

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magpie tales statue stamp 185

The Test – VisDare


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I have been following the same tracks for days. I am high on the ridge, silhouetted – a sitting target. Lone Wolf warned me to seek shelter in the undergrowth, to keep my wits about me, to listen, watch and wait.

But my strength is low. My courage is fading and I know that if I deviate, if I try to use the skills I learned such a short time ago, I will be lost. Months from now, Howling Dog will find my bones, brittle and bleached by the sun and wind. My soul will watch, silent and mournful for all that might have been.

One foot in front of the other. The monotony strips my mind of thought.

All I know is that I must return. I must find my tribe again. I must prove myself and earn my man-name of He Who Roars.


Here’s my latest entry to the lovely Angela’s VisDare.

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Disastrous – Five Sentence Fiction


“This isn’t working any more.”

“But Carrie, I don’t understand – what did I do wrong?”

Nothing, Jay, nothing at all – everything runs out of steam eventually.”

“But what am I supposed to do now?”

“Go down to the goddamn store and buy a new TV, duh!”


For some people, a broken TV is a calamity! I hope you enjoyed my sideways look at life’s little problems.

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