Britain no longer exists.

What’s left behind certainly isn’t great, but it’s bearable – just. Illegal immigrants are a constant threat and in a world rocked by pandemic, they are far from welcome. The country’s borders are well and truly closed and surveillance and searches are the norm. It’s a price worth paying, so they say.

Callie Hannigan has only ever worked for the Security Services, it’s all she knows, as is the Sickness. She’s committed to her job, to keeping the country safe from infection, to upholding the law. Day in, day out, that’s what she does.

Following a shock betrayal and a chance encounter, Callie is launched on her most critical mission yet, caught up in a desperate race against time. She’s still working for the government, but which one and why? And what can possibly be worse than a global pandemic?

The only thing Callie knows for sure is that millions of lives hang in the balance. And time is running out.

Welcome to the world of Anti-Virus.

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