Illusion – A Dash of Sunny


what if the life we lived

the stuff we fret on

the hopes and joys in which we revel,

the envies and jealousies to which we are subject

like little ships tossed on a violent sea,

 what if they were but a dream

 – a fantasy

 – an illusion

a facsimile of a real life?

what if we, ourselves, were but a fiction?

would we change?

would we hang up our hats at the door to our lives

and just give up?

or would we carry on, regardless,

because that’s what life is –

experiencing, tasting, touching, wanting, needing, hurting –

for without all of that, we are nothing?


This week on A Dash of Sunny, we are asked to write on dreams. Again, I’ve taken a sideways step – rather than sharing my dreams, I’m playing the ‘what if?’ game. What if our lives are but a dream, and not really ‘real’?

Do hop on over to A Dash of Sunny, and find out what others have done! Or… take part!

Fun guy – TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge


mushroom box hiding

in the dark airing cupboard

white orbs float in space


caps like velvet hats

silky texture makes me smile

squeak as I bite you


This week, the gorgeous TJ has invited us to waxy lyrical, Haiku style, on mushrooms. I really, really, really like mushrooms. I like them so much, I eat them raw – which many of my friends and acquaintances think is a little odd! Is it really?

Anyway, here’s my weekly offering. There always seemed to be a mushroom box on the go in our airing cupboard when I was growing up and I loved peeking into the gloom to spot the first white globes peeking through the inky black compost.

I hope you take the time to hop on over to TJ’s blog and read all the tasty poetry – and take part if you feel the urge!

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Art – # SoCS July 30/16

Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao

I heard someone say today that true art is something that has no other purpose than to be ‘art’. It should not be functional, it should not have any use other than to be what it is. Quite by coincidence, I then read a few hours later, an online discussion about the same issue.

I’m not sure whether I agree – my internal jury is still out on that one. There have some been some truly beautiful creations that I have admired and considered to be art, but they also have a function – for example, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao (just a one-off example, and an insight into at least one thing that I really appreciate).

Maybe my consideration of what is art is misaligned, or perhaps even uneducated. Or perhaps it means I’m not an art snob, who knows?!

All I know is that I truly enjoy creating art, not only with with words but also with paint, pastel, pen, ink, pens… the list is endless. I enjoy the process, sometimes even more than the end result (depending on whether I am happy with it or not!).

What do you think?


Today, the lovely Linda asks to write a stream of consciousness post on ‘art’ – a subject close to my heart. Why not head on over to her blog, read other writers’ thoughts and even take part yourself?