Jessica – Part Four

Day four of Jessica Week has dawned, and Part Four of Jessica is here, on Helena’s blog. Wow. She’s a braver woman than I am…

Today, the devil makes an appearance, we read of demon-hosting and apple pie. Better than cherry pie, right? (Yes, I love me a Twin Peaks reference).

Oh, and, before I forget. If you prefer to read your novels in one hit, I am given to understand (heck, who am I kidding, I know, I’m part of this horror-filled, yet fantastic endeavour) that Jessica will be available on e-reader (sound recordings included!) and also in real, live, honest-to-goodness paperback. So your fingertips will ooze with gore, in front of your very eyes.

Coming soon (yes, very soon) to… yes, well, I’ll leave you in suspense. It’s what I do.


Angel – 3 Word Wednesday


She cannot be reached. I have tried, oh believe me, I have tried.

She is defensive. She hides behind barriers, she is impermeable.

I have seen her, striding purposefully along the city streets, head held high, gaze fixed firmly on the middle distance. She never makes eye contact, ignores the hesitant smiles of baristas, waiters and newspaper vendors. She is ice, personified.

Or is she? Her breath quickens now and again, as if a thought has penetrated, as if her fertile imagination has flooded her mind with colour and light.

I am needy, I confess. I want her to be thinking of me. Just me.


Here is my latest entry for Three Word Wednesday.

This week, the words are:




Let me know what you think of my response, and do pop over to the Three Word Wednesday blog to see how others have responded!