Transform – A Dash of Sunny


little deaths every day

eggs shed from the womb, unused

those strands caught in the hairbrush

(but never the grey)

that tomato forgotten in the dark corner of the fridge

the unmoving spider, legs curled tightly around its body,

giving itself one last hug

the rag doll dropped to the ground

reaching out a forlorn arm in silent, unheard protest

little deaths every day

little deaths marking progress

little deaths; the fodder of change


It’s time for the weekly poetry prompt from A Dash of Sunny. This week, she invites us to visit Tarot Card Prediction and find out inspiration from the three cards we randomly select. My first card was ‘Death’ – not so awful as you might think, since it’s about transformation and change in general. I decided to focus on this card in particular, hence my poem above.

Please do visit A dash of Sunny, have  a read and perhaps, perhaps, perhaps… join in!


Illusion – A Dash of Sunny


what if the life we lived

the stuff we fret on

the hopes and joys in which we revel,

the envies and jealousies to which we are subject

like little ships tossed on a violent sea,

 what if they were but a dream

 – a fantasy

 – an illusion

a facsimile of a real life?

what if we, ourselves, were but a fiction?

would we change?

would we hang up our hats at the door to our lives

and just give up?

or would we carry on, regardless,

because that’s what life is –

experiencing, tasting, touching, wanting, needing, hurting –

for without all of that, we are nothing?


This week on A Dash of Sunny, we are asked to write on dreams. Again, I’ve taken a sideways step – rather than sharing my dreams, I’m playing the ‘what if?’ game. What if our lives are but a dream, and not really ‘real’?

Do hop on over to A Dash of Sunny, and find out what others have done! Or… take part!

Masque – Prompt Nights A Dash of Sunny


The Duel After the Masquerade – Jean-Leon Gerome


jewels, there are

of all hues, brilliances and luminosities

the world cannot see them,

hidden in plain sight

behind my facade.

i like it that way,

i like that convention (one that i have created)

creates the masquerade

of normality.

jewels, there are,

meant to be hidden,

meant to be mystery,

revealed only to those who i choose.

and even then, do they see me as i am?


This week, over on A Dash of Sunny, we are asked to write on the hidden realm… what an enormous number of possibilities that offers! I chose to write on what lies behind the mask we all present to the world day in, day out. How can anyone really know who we are, anyone at all?

Please do head on over to A Dash of Sunny to find out how others have interpreted this prompt – or take part!