Hunted – Writing Prompt #167 Collage Special Edition


Frozen here

I wait for all the

thoughts to leave,

return, and

stripped, set me afloat once more,

to guide me anew.


For now, I

am overwhelmed here,

engulfed by,

drowning in,

information overload.

I need rescuing


from my thoughts.

They sting me, wasp-like,

sharp-toothed and


as wolves hunting for their prey.

I must go to ground.


Here is my entry into Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s latest collage writing prompt, where we are invited to be inspired by the collage pictured above. Why not take part?

I also decided to write my response in the style of a Shadorma, which is a particular poetry form consisting of a six line stanza with the 3/5/3/3/7/5 syllable pattern. You can write as many stanzas as you like, as long as they use the same syllable pattern.

Thank you to Mindlovemisery for introducing me to this form, which I knew nothing about until I saw this page on her blog.

Meat market – Writing Prompt #165 “Collage 26”


Zayde* and Bubbe* loved the seaside. In the olden times, when money was plentiful and the sun always seemed to shine, they had rented out a holiday home, placed two old benches in the garden that meandered down towards the cliffs and felt that life was just perfect.

So it had been, for a little while. Zayde had always rejected the idea of owning a car, telling anyone that cared to listen, and many that had no choice, that the country’s public transport system was so efficient that he had no need. Why waste energy, time and most of all money on a heavy, fuel-hungry machine, when he could sit back and relax in comfort in a luxurious private compartment in a train, and dine in the dining car whenever he felt like it? Bubbe’s misgivings never got a look-in.

Then, the transport system let Zayde down. Oh yes, it was still efficient, still kept to the timetable, but what a timetable. No more being lulled and rocked to sleep as he and his wife sped to their holiday home on gleaming rails. No more steaming coffee and pastries to sate their morning appetites. No more smiling porters wheeling luggage to a waiting taxi.


The benches are still there in the garden, but empty of their companions.

There are no seats on cattle trucks.

There is plenty to be afraid of, these days.

* Zayde and Bubbe are Yiddish for grandfather and grandmother.


Here is my entry into the Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie collage writing prompt for this week. I’m afraid it took a dark turn, but hey, you know me, right? I couldn’t help but make the connections I did, it just seemed to fit. I know there are brighter stories out there inspired by this prompt because I’ve read at least one in my WordPress Reader feed, and I’ll be reading some more soon!

Why not join me in reading, or even, maybe, take part yourself?

Arrested development – Writing Prompt #163 “Collage 25”


because the mind

because the mind

because the mind

will not rest

even as I glue my eyelids shut.

because the horror

because the mind-less

become all that fills

my mind’s eye

because the shame

because I care

because I cannot


stop the thoughts.

stop the violence.

stop, please.



Here’s my entry to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie latest writing prompt, where we are invited to write in response to a quote, which this week is from  William C. Hannah – “Sometimes, all you can do is lie in bed, and hope to fall asleep before you fall apart.” There is also a collage which may or may not help with the inspiration.

For those of you in Europe, you will be well aware that the European football competition known as the Euros began on Friday. Unfortunately, sadly, frustratingly, horrifically, some English football ‘fans’ (and I really mean hooligans) have been involved in mindless and disturbing violence in Marseilles, in the days running up to and after England’s match against Russia, which took place last night.

This poem was inspired by the events I have seen on TV and online. It’s sickening, I just don’t understand the mentality of anyone who engages in this kind of behaviour, irrespective of their nationality or background. I went to sleep last night with images that I had seen playing in my head like a horror movie.

Why not head on over to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s blog and take a look – and take part?!