A Bitter Pill – Magpie Tales


Selina admired her pout in the mirror, sighing and rolling her eyes as the make up artist swooped again. She pushed the girl away, shaking her head. Seriously? Her lips were perfect.

She had fought tooth and nail, told a few lies and slept with the photographer to get this gig. It would make her career.

“Where’s the goddamn pill, girl?” She stamped her foot, holding out her hand imperiously.

Angie bit back a retort – again. She’d had enough of this spoiled brat to last her a lifetime. Still…

“Here you are, Selina, I’m so sorry,” she tried to look contrite. Not long now.

Gelatin. The pill casing contained gelatin.

Such a shame that Selina had a serious allergy…


I came across Magpie Tales a little while ago and thought it looked like a fun thing to take part in. I do enjoy a good photo prompt! The rules are to use the photo as inspiration, write a poem or vignette and share on the blog! This image caught my eye this evening, so I thought I would have a go 🙂

Do let me know what you think!

magpie tales statue stamp 185