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Mirrors are for the young. I even avoid those streets flanked by high-end stores enshrined in vast sheets of plate glass. Who needs to have their insipid reflection hurled back at them so remorselessly? Who needs to feel like an impostor amongst the throngs of the young and the beautiful?

I was one of them once, you know. I had legs up to there, a cleavage to die for and such grace, like a swan. Oh yes, the boys all wanted me.

The trouble is, in my mind I am still ‘that girl’. I still have ebony curls kissing my shoulders, rosebud lips, alabaster skin and flashing green eyes. I am still devastating. My hips still undulate and I still walk as if the pencil skirt was invented for me.

We all have to grow old, darling, on the outside. Inside, well that’s an entirely different matter…


Here’s my latest entry to the lovely Angela’s VisDare.

I hope you enjoy this week’s entry- and please do visit VisDare for amazing poetry and prose!



The shadows swallow her whole, these days
as if she has been absorbed,
subsumed and desiccated.
Once, vitality was her constant companion.
She had glowed, incandescent, iridescent,
alight with youth and hope,
bursting with dreams as limitless as the universe.
Her brunette mane gave way to wiry grey
and frown-lines ridged her forehead,
her soft skin thinned and crazed with spider-web creases.
She packed her enthusiasm into a box,
gave her silks and velvets to charity,
discarded her perfumes, jewels and decadence
tucked her spirit away and faded into nothing.

The shadows swallow her whole these days.
The shadows swallow her whole.



This week, Mary, our host at dVerse Poetics wants us to write on invisibility. I thought I would approach it from the perspective of growing old in both body, and spirit. This will not happen to me!

I hope you enjoy my offering – and please do join us!

Warning Unheeded – dVerse Poetics

I’m getting into this dVerse thing, big time! Thank you to everyone there for the warm welcome 🙂

So, here’s my submission to the dVerse Poetics prompt – this week, we are asked to write something inspired by a time-worn phrase or saying, whether it is something from the TV, the radio, a song, an old catchphrase that we or friends, family or colleagues use – inspiration can be found anywhere.

This week, the phrase ‘be careful what you wish for’ has been floating around in my head. I could probably explain why, but perhaps that’s not relevant.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my piece below – please do visit the linky link thing to read many more!


– Warning Unheeded –

‘Be careful, be careful’

the old woman said,

my youth it knew better

and I shook my head.


‘You’re old and you’re feeble’

I stated with scorn,

and tossed barbed-wire glances –

her face fell, forlorn.


I wanted the top job,

accolades in all spheres,

‘All hail the big chief’

to ring in my ears.


I did achieve fame,

yes, fortune was mine,

but something was missing

no love to entwine


in the twists and the turns

of my life, well-endowed

no face to light up

for my own, in a crowd.


Be careful, be careful

I’m an old woman now,

in my youth I was wrong –

it’s too late for me now.