Jazz Man and Views (Reverb) – dVerse MTB

brother believe in your silver-spangled skill-set

stand on the shore, survey the scene

let your guitar sing, reverberate those rhythms

play it again boy, play it with ease


brother believe in your power and your glory

step all aboard, anchors set free

dive into those oceans, manipulate that music

play it all night boy, play with the breeze


brother believe, bring back your tall tales

return to the harbour, head held high

hold fast to the memories, they’ll last you a lifetime

play with your youth boy, play and believe.


I’ll be honest, this is an old poem I posted back in 2013. I’ll be more honest – I’m a little empty on the inspiration front  with regards to thinking about a subject matter AND meter tonight. Sometimes it happens, right?

Anyway, I wanted to take part in the dVerse fun (and on the right day!), so here it is. My brother has just come back from another stint working as a guitarist on a cruise ship, so this is a little welcome home for him.

I also read this out at a poetry slam a couple of years ago – nerve-wracking though it was, I had such fun, and the audience were fabulous.

For those of you who have stumbled across my blog, if you want to read and even take part in dVerse Meeting the Bar, do head on over to the website. We’re a friendly, welcoming crowd and there’s always something good going on.

Thank you to Victoria for hosting tonight!

The Night Sky Lullaby – A Dash of Sunny


Our friend Mr Moon shines so brightly tonight

He bathes your bed in sweetest, soft light

He smiles gently upon you, the whole night long

As Mr Nightingale sings you his lullaby song.

Image source here

Here is my entry into A Dash of Sunny’s Prompt Night, where this week, we are asked to write about the moon.

I wrote this poem back in the early days of my blog, when I took part in the Trifecta Writing Challenge, a community that is sadly no more. In this particular instance, we were allowed to use 33 words to share a bedtime story routine.

Yes, it’s an old piece, but as soon as I saw the prompt this week was the moon, I thought of my little brother (he’s now 26!), when he used to point at the moon at night and we would call him ‘My friend the moon’. Such sweet memories, such love, such joy. So, I couldn’t help but re-share this little lullaby, I hope you don’t mind the ‘lazy’ route I have taken!

Please do head on over to A Dash of Sunny, enjoy the responses and go on… take part!

Impressment – SoCS May 28/16


The pressgang pillaged our hamlet. We women, we thought we would be safe. We thought our men would be safe.

We were wrong.

I could not let them take him, my brother. he was too weak, too young, too necessary to keep Mother company. I could be spared, I could adapt. Dickon could not. He was Mother’s favourite, she and I were too different. Not a day would pass when we did not bicker, when I tended the crops one way, and she would undo all my handiwork. I could not stitch or spin or weave to her satisfaction. Dickon – he knew how to manage her, he could do all the things that I failed at so miserably.

I dressed as a boy, looked like a man, and the men of the impressment took me.

I am here now, aboard HMS Magnanime, about to go into battle with the French, yet again. I am slight, I am nimble, I can ascend to the very top of the highest mast and not succumb to the pull of the sea. I am the youngest, the best, so says the captain.

I am homesick. I am seasick. But I am glad.

Her’s this week’s entry into the lovely Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt, where she has asked us to use the word ‘press’, either on its own or as part of a word beginning or ending with press as our inspiration.

The British Royal Navy was in the habit of using pressgangs to forcibly recruit people into service. For non-officers, there was no real concept of choosing a life at sea in service as a career, so the pressgangs (formally the Impress Service) would scour the country to select suitable men. Contrary to popular legend, they did not have the power to recruit anyone other than seafarers. But why let the truth get in the way of a good story!

Please do take part in Linda’s weekly prompt – you never know what will come into your mind! Please also pop along to read other entries – they will be many and varied!