Long – SoCS July 2/16


I’ve always wanted to be one of those women who look good in long dresses. At my graduation party years ago we all dressed up in our finery – some of my friends had proper evening dresses and ballgowns – I couldn’t find anything floorlength that didn’t either drag another six inches of material on the ground, or was way too small on my top half, because it was child-size – and i had boobs.

My mum made me a beautiful outfit – a full, black watered silk skirt and a deep purple velvet jacket, complete with lovely buttons. It was handmade, original, and all my friends loved it, as did I.

I still felt like the odd one out though.

I find it very difficult to buy trousers to fit – short legs, wide hips, chunky thighs. I don’t hate my shape (well, maybe sometimes, just a little), I just wish that clothes manufacturers didn’t assume that we all have stick thin, long legs and boyish hips. Most of us don’t! We are female, after all. We’re meant to go in and out again – aren’t we?

Still, it won’t be long until I can be the crazy old lady, wearing charity shop finds and cartoon character sock, and nobody will care.

Oh wait… I think I’m halfway there already 😉


Here’s my latest offering for the lovely Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where this week she invites to write inspired by ‘long’. 

Please do head on over to Linda’s blog, read, enjoy, and why not be inspired to take part?

Petulant Hair – dVerse Poetics


She is brushing her strawberry blonde hair

She fusses with it all the time

It drives me mad, I truly declare

It’s a good job she is a true love of mine


The mirror’s no stranger to her face

She’s gazing in it all the time

I sometimes wish her I could replace

But she has her hooks in me, this true love of mine


The bathroom door is locked again

She’s used all the water yet one more time

I’m angry and bored of this refrain

Damn her she is the true love of mine


She’s left all the bath towels strewn on the floor

My wardrobe is full of her clothes, not mine

For one pair of my shoes, she owns four more

She’s addicted to fashion, this true love of mine


I sheared off her hair in the midst of the night

A revenge I dreamed on all the time

Sorry to say, she looks such a fright

But she’ll always be the true love of mine.


Tonight, Mish is our friendly barkeep at the dVerse pub and has asked us to write something like a song, or a singable.

Recently I found myself listening to some Simon & Garfunkel – I had forgotten how much I loved their version of Scarborough Fair – and also how it reminded me of my mum singing lots of different folk songs around the house when I was growing up. This is a tongue in cheek version (in case you hadn’t worked it out!) about a frustrated paramour’s thoughts on his (or her) very vain true love!

Here’s a link to the Simon & Garfunkel version – enjoy!

Do head on over to dVerse to see how others have faired with his fun prompt – or take part yourself, why not?!