has been my colour for aeons
Although –
every now and again
a tiny splash of crimson
splatters its welcome
on my rhino-hued hide.
I have hidden behind
a skin, thickened, calloused
made tough with scars.
I have let life abrade my spirit.
What an error.
This isn’t what living is about –
existing, dragging my carcass
from one day, one hour, one minute
to the next.

I open my hazel eyes –

Crimson is joined by purple
transitioning to royal blue and
macaw green.
Peacock shades flutter, flicker and shimmer
The grey dust dissipates and
my rainbow-heart blossoms.
Colour me joyful
Let the bright one in!



This week, Abhra is our first-time bartender at dVerse Poetics. I am sure he will do a wonderful job 🙂

Abhra introduces us to a tiny piece of her culture and a very special celebration called Holi – a riotous celebration of colour, love and joy. He has asked us to invite colour into our lives – how does it make us feel about ourselves, about others, how do we open up?

There is a lot about love in her post and her invitation to create our work this week. I’ve taken a bit of a different slant – mainly because right now, I am taking some time to love and look after myself. For me, life at the moment is a bit like what we are instructed to do with those oxygen masks in a plane – I’m putting on my own mask first, before turning to anyone else.

I hope you enjoy my offering this week – as ever, please do let me know, and do go and read the other poets’ work!

*Apologies, Abhra, for getting your gender incorrect in my post last night! As you will see, you are now most definitely a man! I made an assumption, since British names ending in ‘a’ are mostly feminine. Apologies – and I will revisit the dVerse d’Team to swot up on the new team members! In truth, I meant to do that a while ago… and forgot!


In my turquoise mind I am
splashing rainbows of colour
where my heart bleeds
its emotions on hungry canvas

In my sun-yellow heart I am
creator of rampant new worlds
monster flowers raining
petals on miniature microcosms

In my body scarlet energy flows
vibrating and aching
with endless possibilities
for fresh new beginnings

On my purple horizon
nothing is planned
everything is radiant
life is succulent




This week, Grace, our host at dVerse Poetics is throwing colour our way, to chime perfectly with the arrival of spring – hallelujah! She introduces us to the fabulous art of Sunita Khedekar and is inviting us to write a poem inspired by one of her works.

I hope you enjoy my offering – and please do join us! The hosts all work extremely hard to make the community a success.

DNA – dVerse Poetics

This week’s dVerse Poetics is asking us to open up the paint pots and colour ourselves beautiful in these dark winter days.

So, I hope you enjoy my creation – and please visit dVerse to read all of the other creations!

– DNA –

Jenny Joseph warned us all in 1961

That purple would be her colour when she was old

And on purpose, she would wear a hat of red

That didn’t match, or suit her one bit

My mum would quote this to me, and I would laugh

Looking forward to the day that I could be different

And get away with it.

She already does this – and she’s not old.


My dad wore bright socks and colourful ties

In contrast to his sombre suits

He was a maverick, beating down the walls

From the inside and laughing in the face of bureaucracy

And policy-wonks.

He was different, got away with it, and wasn’t old.


I like to think that I colour the world with words

That I display my inner maverick on the page and screen

Arrowing blood red anger

Transmitting ochre yellow discomfort

Hurling shimmering violet angst

Launching rose petal pink sighs

My thoughts are a rainbow, transmuted.

I am different – just look who taught me.