Sinistra Dextra – dVerse Poetics


I ache to press my fingers into her flesh,

insert them under her skin and grab

fistfuls of the yellow fat cells pulsating beneath.

My nerve-endings tingle with anticipation –

I imagine blood, sinews and cartilage slithering over my hands.

Some call her voluptuous

She has been labelled curvaceous in her time –

her complexion has been admired,

compliments have been made about her chestnut hair

and how it gleams like conkers in the autumn sun.

Most people skirt around that single-syllabled utterance – fat.

It is as if the very word itself is a crime,

as if it should be expunged from the dictionary.

I do not criticise,

do not imagine barbs where none exist.

No, I rejoice in her size,

after all, I am an artist,

an admirer of the human form in all its variations.

My only sorrow is, that in common with them all,

she cannot be moulded.

She is not clay.

I am saddened that she too, will not outlive my attentions.

Perhaps, in the future, there will be such a survivor.

All I want is for each of them to be a little bit better than they already are.

Is that too much too ask?


Tonight on dVerse Poetics, Lillian is inviting us to write with a sculpture, or sculptor in mind. Have a conversation with your sculpture, give us your back story, turn and turn again, tell the story from whatever angle you choose, be the sculpture coming to life or the model being used as inspiration. What a wonderful idea, Lillian!

Hmm… my sculptor is a little (a lot!) sinister. I don’t know where he came from, all I know is, I wouldn’t want to be one of his models!

I hope you enjoy (if you can bear it!). I’m sure other entries will be much more light-hearted than mine, so please, do head on over to the dVerse pub, ask the friendly barkeep to pour you a cold one, and get reading (and why not take part?)!

TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge – Iron


Her forehead wrinkles,

straining with effort. This form

of wit defeats her.


Oh contrary one!

Speak plainly, I beg of you.

Sarcasm irks me.


Ooh, it’s fair to say I’ve been looking forward to TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge since I took part last week. It was a fun prompt! Thank you to TJ for the warm welcome 🙂

I decided to go down the ‘irony’ route, as I hope you can tell (not written with a trace of irony, no, not at all!). If I’d chosen ironing, well, I would have been forced to reveal that me and the iron aren’t close acquaintances at all. Not that I walk around looking like a rag-bag, but I choose my clothes somewhat based on their need for ironing…

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my two little offerings! Why not pop on over to TJ’s place to read the other offerings? Or… take part yourself!


“When does it start? I need the loo.”

“Oh, I think in a moment or two.”

Do you want some water, in case you go dry?”

“Sssh! I’m listening, I’ll tell you why

in a minute, if you’ll just wait there.

I think I can see – yes, he’s the compere.”

“Well, put your name down, get on the list!

To come all this way, then only to miss

your chance to read, that would be a shame.

I want them to hear you, to know your name,

to learn how great your poetry is.

So step on over, don’t get in a tizz!”

“OK, I’m going! Please get me a drink,

my throat is so parched, I can hardly think.”

“I offered you that, a while ago,

just get your name down, please don’t be slow

in grabbing this wonderful chance to take part,

or I’ll drive home without you, and it’s getting dark!”

“Alright, I’ve done it! My name is submitted.

I can’t turn back, I’ve just committed

to read aloud, the spotlight’s on me.

So please, I beg, will you get me a tea?”

“Too late, my dear, the lights have turned low.

He’s calling your name – get on with the show!”


Tonight, Claudia is hosting dVerse Meeting the Bar and has asked us to write poetry in the form of conversation. Riding on the wave of yesterday’s fantastic evening where I took part in my first ever poetry reading night, at the Chinwag event at Aberystwyth Arts Centre, I decided to be light-hearted. This rhyming conversation does somewhat mirror the circular discussion my best friend suffered with me beforehand, as I dithered a little over putting my name down, should, shouldn’t I have drink, what if, what if, what if…?! Whilst my heart was pounding like fury when I started reading, it was great fun and I received proper applause, not just that kind smattering that I was worried about!

I hope you enjoy this slightly comedic piece – please do let me know. And please, do pop in to dVerse, find the Mr Linky, read a few/all of the other poems and think about taking part yourself!