Fade away – dVerse Quadrille 10


Ethereal as the breeze you are –

were. You are gone now,

but were you ever here?

I have nothing physical,

no artefact to lay my hands on,

even the pocket-watch is hearsay,

passed to me the day after.

‘It was his father’s’.

I wonder.

Tonight Bjorn is barkeep over at dVerse, and is inviting us to write a Quadrille (a poem of 44 words), incorporating the word ‘breeze’ in the body of the poem.

I have no idea why ‘breeze’ inspired me to write this memory – for that’s what it is, and that is the pocket-watch above. Bizarrely the time it stopped working at (many years ago, I assume) is the time in the evening that my dad died.

Of course, you can be much more upbeat, sensual, comedic in your response – the choice is all yours! Please do take part though – it’s a great crowd over there!

Cicatrix – Sunday Mini Challenge – Real Toads


The image of you has softened over time
I see you, prostrate, as if through film star soft-focus
Still, at last, still, forever
and yet if I push myself through that ghost-laden portal
I know that you have taken on a different form
you are transformed into no more than


Dispersed on the winds
I breathe you in
You become part of me in more than the accepted ways, Dad
Your death doesn’t hurt in the way it once did
No longer lacerates, no longer eviscerates


But I am left behind
But I am in sorrow for the missed opportunities
But I am swallowed by regret that I
can never have that conversation
Never explain that I understand you better

Never confess that I judged you too harshly

Never reveal that there is so much more of you in me

than I ever cared to admit or wanted then

Never tell you that I welcome that


But, at least, the knife-edge cicatrix
of the loss of you has faded
I can smile at the thought of you
because I think of you



This was inspired by the prompt found over at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, where we are encouraged to write about something that is both harrowing, and hallowed. A challenging prompt, for sure, but it helps to write about these things, to transfer the ever-whirling thoughts to print, at least for a while.

Why not pop on over to the Real Toads blog, and take a look, take part?

In Conversation – dVerse Open Link Week 118

Here’s my latest entry into the dVerse Open Link – why not take a look at everyone else’s wonderful responses?

This is about me and my dad, having a conversation with him in my head.


– In Conversation –

Return to me and make me smile
In my mind’s eye, stay a while
Ring your laughter in my ear
Embrace me, say there’s naught to fear

Take me back to childhood days
When all your words were full of praise
Your pride in me was plain to see
The centre of your world was me

The dead can do no wrong, they say
Rest in peace, we hope and pray
Strange it is that now you’ve left
You fill my thoughts, my heart’s bereft

Yet strangely full, I’m not alone
I carry you in every bone
My mortal fibre is borne from you
Wherever you are, think of me too.