Tough Talk

Creating a drama where once there was none,
making things worse, draining all fun
from life which, let’s face it, is challenging enough.
Is the crisis not sufficient? Is the world not quite tough
enough for your needs? It needs to be worse
to make you feel noticed, have all attention turn
to how events affect you, even if there’s no link
you want eyes, ears and hearts, people to think
that you are the heroine of the world’s darkest hour.
For you it’s more serious, the monsters all tower,
glowering above you, and nobody else,
because darling, love, sweetie you think just of yourself.
I’ve got some news for you, please listen if you can
I know you’re distracted, have no attention span,
but it won’t take too long, my time’s precious too –
This world is for all of us – Not Just For You.


Tough Talk


Hurrah! Under the new, host-friendly schedule for dVerse, today sees the inaugural last-Saturday-of-the-month dVerse Open Link Night. OLN is when us poets get to link up with our work, no matter what, shape, size, form or subject matter. As long as it’s poetry, the world is our oyster. The poets’ pub opens at 3pm EST (7PM here in the UK) – make mine a large one!

My offering today was triggered by a number of things I overheard and witnessed earlier today, out and about on a busy Saturday. I hope you enjoy the read – and please do go and take a look at all the great poems on dVerse. There are some brilliant talents out there!

The Boss

Oh dear Fuji-san – Fuji-sensei

Dark, brooding mistress of all you survey

Regal in bloodline, of that you are sure

Graceful in body and delicate of paw

We jump and dance to each nuanced bark

Pavlov would be proud, for you it’s a lark

You have your routines, for walks and to eat

Watch your humans sit down – Woof! – we jump to our feet

to pour out your water and open the door

You know what you want, sometimes we’re not sure

You’re not so demanding, we just need to know

Your presence is a gift that you kindly bestow

One inscrutable look and we soon understand

You’re the top dog, the queen, you rule this fair land

Most dear Fuji-san, honoured Fuji-sensei

You are the true mistress of all you survey!



This is an ode to the majestic lady who takes centre stage above. I have recently been allowed to take up residence in her home, feed and water her and generally fulfil her needs. She is a bit of a charmer and I’m not sure I would like to know what she thinks of me! Fuji (named for the photographic film brand, not the mountain!) is a venerable Newfoundland, a true grande dame!

I will link up to the dVerse Open Link Night later today. Please do visit to enjoy some very fine poetry indeed – and be inspired… Join us!


Return me to a gentle land
Gather me in, take my hand
Restore my mind to calmer days
Remove the scene that still replays
over and over, jamming my head
Bring me serenity, a constant thread
of restoration, courage anew
Let me forge ahead, source my strength from you
Know that with each breath and every pace
I take you with me, see your face
Hear your laughter, envisage your smile
Yes, we are parted, but just for a while
Life is but a moment, a wrinkle, a sigh
This is only adieu, Dad, not forever goodbye.


Because time passes, pain eases, gratitude settles in and new dawns are always possible. Amazingly, I wrote this poem before reading Grace’s introduction at Open Link Night – and yet it just seems to fit. I have so much for which to be grateful.

Please do visit the dVerse Open Link Night for examples of some very fine poetry indeed – and be inspired… Join us!