Resolution – dVerse


In flight,

far above candy floss clouds, ant cities below,

alone, yet surrounded in economy,

I worked out the ending.

3 pages of A4 and me.


Tonight, over at dVerse, we continue to celebrate the 5th anniversary of this wonderful community. Bjorn, our lovely Swedish host for the evening, interviews Samuel Peralta (he introduced me to so many forms – such a talent!) and invites us to write a Twitter poem – 140 characters or less!

The background to my offering this evening is this – I’ve had a novel in-waiting on my laptop for some time – only at best half-finished. I printed off the manuscript and used my work-related flight to Jersey and back today to read through it and work out how I was going to finish it. Three pages of A4 paper later and by Jove – I’ve got it!

I can’t wait to restart!

Please do head on over to dVerse, enjoy the interview and read the other offerings. And take part! Why not?!

Happy ending? – dVerse Open Link Night #172


This may not end.


it might not end well.

Well, it could start,

may begin,

is likely to achieve a middle of sorts.

Fair to middling.

All’s fair in love, and war,

the victor’s writing the history,

even now, as I write, or speak.

Revisionist, recidivist,

making the same mistakes over and over

and over


Over and out.

I’m signing off here

because, you know,

it may not end at all well.

Last night was Open Link Night over on dVerse! Why not pop on over to revel in all the glorious poetry, and even take part yourself?

I hope you enjoy my (late) offering above.