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wyeth n c Dark Harbor Fisherman

Dark Harbor, 1943, N. C. Wyeth

“We have too much food here, Jacob. What are we supposed to do with it all? It wasn’t our plan to empty the sea of all its fish.”

“Nonsense, Simeon, nonsense! There is no such thing as too much fish! How ungrateful you are! Me and my men have risked life and limb on the mountainous waves to bring this fine haul home to harbour. Not a life lost, not a bruise nor a scrape did we sustain. Does it not cross your mind to utter one word of thanks?”

“But where is your common sense? All of our salt has been used for the preserving of meat and our barrels are taken with wine. We cannot consume the fish fast enough. It will be left to waste and rot by the quay.”

“You see problems where there are none, Simeon. I propose a feast – let us build a bonfire, barbecue the meat over the flames and wash it all down with copious gallons of wine. We will have empty barrels, spare salt and extremely happy villagers. A solution, do you not agree?”

“I suppose I do, Jacob. You are an ingenious man, so it seems…”


Here’s my latest entry to Magpie Tales – Jacob is a quick-thinking chap, no?

I hope you enjoy this week’s entry- and please do visit Magpie Tales for amazing poetry and prose!


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Little Pitchers – Friday Fictioneers

Here is this week’s entry into the weekly challenge brought to us by the lovely Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

Here are the rules: Use the photo as inspiration, write a hundred(ish) words – and share! Here goes my offering for this week – and I welcome your comments again!

Copyright - Douglas M. MacIlroy

Copyright – Douglas M. MacIlroy

– Little Pitchers –

“Yes, Robbie?”
“How do they do it?”
“What? Look, stop pushing your sister!”
“But Mu-uuuum!”
“Is this another of your school projects?”
“Yes! It’s important!”
“Go on, then…”
“How do they breathe?”
“Through their mouths, just like we do – stop pushing your sister!”
“But they have those funny things on the side of their heads – I don’t know what they’re for…”
“Ask your father when he gets back – he’ll know. Look! They’re throwing the food in!”
“But Mu-uuuum?”
“For goodness sake! Ears – they’re called ears. And they’re for hearing with. Up you pop, mouth open wide – well done, Robbie!”


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