Little Men – Five Sentence Fiction


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“Graham, you simply have to pull yourself together, old chap, it won’t do any good.”

“She’s gone, gone off with your wife, no less – I knew she was a bad influence, flighty, undisciplined and full of crackpot ideas. You should have kept her in hand when you had the chance!”

“Now steady on there, it takes two to tango, don’t you know!”

“Yes… doesn’t it just!!”



Here is my latest entry into the lovely Lillie’s Five Sentence Fiction. I’ve once again, tied it in with my entry into Angela’s VisDare – this is the husbands’ reaction!

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Little Women – VisDare


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“Do you think they’ll insist on seeing us off, Beatty?”

“Oh God! I do hope not. I can’t bear it! Birmingham New Street is hardly ‘Brief Encounter’, is it?”

No, it’s not. And they do fuss so, the pair of them…”

Still, it’s all been a bit of a shock, I suppose.”

“Oh Beatty, do stop being so considerate. This is our time. Ours. Not theirs!”

“I don’t think they’ve quite got their heads around us going away, two women, on their own. It’s just not the done thing!”

“Darling, nothing we are doing is the done thing. And the least ‘done thing’ is the one thing they know nothing about yet. Now, look, here they are, let’s just kiss them on the cheek like good little wives.”

“I feel so bad…”

“They’ll get over it.”

“I do love you, Clara!”

“And isn’t that rather the point?”


Here’s my latest entry to the lovely Angela’s VisDare.

I hope you enjoy this week’s tale, even though betrayal is in the air! I’ve written a follow-up here as my entry into Five Sentence Fiction. I hope you enjoy it!

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