Ripples – A Dash of Sunny


When the words don’t come easy

When inspiration evades me
When I must gouge every word from my bound and stitched mouth
When the rhythm’s distorted
When the rhyme pattern is thwarted
When confidence is eroded by crippling self-doubt
When I shrink before mastery
When my skill is unsatisfactory
When my fountain of words is foundered by drought
That’s when I lay my soul bare
That’s when I let myself care
That’s when what I put there on the table is me
It’s my heart, soul and body
It’s what pushes and drives me
I’m a poet, a writer, and words set me free.


It’s time for the weekly prompt from A Dash of Sunny! This week, we are asked to write on intuition, instinct and creativity. The poem above is a reprise of some work of a few years ago – ironically my muse is taking me to art today, not to writing, but I wanted to take part nonetheless, hence my sneaky, cheaty reprise! How ironic also, that this pieces is about inspiration and the drive to write! It’s always there, but sometimes, I have to take a time out to recharge and re-craft a little later on.

Please head on over to A Dash of Sunny and read, and enjoy!