Andromeda – Poetic Bloomings


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Where the sea and night sky are stitched together

all is still as a millpond, all is calm

and the moon is reflected perfectly

an uninterrupted disc.

Suspended above and below,

you can hardly tell which is real

and which is facsimile.

But here, at the shoreline

white horses hiss against the shingle

flotsam and jetsam are flung at my feet

as my toes grip to find purchase in the shifting sand.

In my pensive mood, I think of us, of you, of me

and how to onlookers, we appeared so at one.

If only they had looked closer,

if only we had taken the time,

we would have seen the breakers

and the Sea of Tranquility

might have been saved.


This evening, I have been inspired by Bjorn’s beautiful poem and found a new poetry prompt over at Poetic Bloomings to write a poem centred on the moon. I hope you enjoy it.

The Night Sky Lullaby – A Dash of Sunny


Our friend Mr Moon shines so brightly tonight

He bathes your bed in sweetest, soft light

He smiles gently upon you, the whole night long

As Mr Nightingale sings you his lullaby song.

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Here is my entry into A Dash of Sunny’s Prompt Night, where this week, we are asked to write about the moon.

I wrote this poem back in the early days of my blog, when I took part in the Trifecta Writing Challenge, a community that is sadly no more. In this particular instance, we were allowed to use 33 words to share a bedtime story routine.

Yes, it’s an old piece, but as soon as I saw the prompt this week was the moon, I thought of my little brother (he’s now 26!), when he used to point at the moon at night and we would call him ‘My friend the moon’. Such sweet memories, such love, such joy. So, I couldn’t help but re-share this little lullaby, I hope you don’t mind the ‘lazy’ route I have taken!

Please do head on over to A Dash of Sunny, enjoy the responses and go on… take part!

Constant – Magpie Tales

Starry Night by alex ruiz

Starry Night by Alex Ruiz

 The man gazes up at the thin silver crescent suspended in the night sky. It is immovable, as if anchored by invisible threads that have been woven by the hands of the gods themselves.

He can see her, his love. She is waiting for him.

He is the Moonkeeper, yet without her, he would be lost. She has no idea that her home is also a moon that waxes and wanes at the whim of the universe.

It is better that she does not know. It is better that she remains unaware of her power and responsibility. Only he knows that her moon remains whole, remains illuminated as a constant. It is only the shadow that he casts from his moon that turns her light to shade, her shade to light.

He blows her a kiss, imagines it landing on her lips.

It will reach her. It always does.


Here’s my latest entry to Magpie Tales. It follows on from the theme of the piece I wrote for Five Sentence Fiction the other week – I love a moon! What a beautiful, magical inspiration of an image, don’t you think?

I hope you enjoy this week’s entry- and please do visit Magpie Tales for amazing poetry and prose!


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