Buenos Aires – Prompt Night A Dash of Sunny


If you let me

I would dance with you

I would offer my hands

my waist, my hips

my lips would almost …

leave their coral stain on your cheek

If you let me


If you let me

I would entice you with my feather feet

spark the floorboards

with my fiery stamp

whisper my fingertips over your wrist

and watch your pupils dilate at the very idea

If you let me


I will dance on my own

until then

I will be the vibration of the air

until then

I will be the music

alone –

until then.


Will you let me?


This week over at A Dash of Sunny, we are asked to write about dance. I took a slightly different tack, hence the picture I have included above. Here in the UK, with all of the political wranglings that are taking place, we seem to be in the midst of an overt anti-difference backlash. I don’t like it, not one bit. Everyone is equal. Nobody deserves to be marginalised.

Please do head on over to take part, or just read other offerings, if that’s all you want to do. But most of all, enjoy!



Bite – SoCS July 9/16


I never did like weak orange squash when I was a kid. Even worse, insipid Roses’s Lime Juice Cordial or, the mother of all sharp drinks, PLJ. I wanted the bite at the back of my tongue, I wanted it to make my eyes water just a little. I really wanted to experience it, in all its pleasure/pain combinations. ‘Dilute to taste’ wasn’t really a phrase that I wanted to hear, when my taste was (and still is) for strong, sharp-toothed experiences. I like concentration.

Life can be, quite frankly, almost unbearably challenging, tough, hard and gut-wrenching. It can also be glorious, touch the clouds sky-rocketing, amazing and awesome, in the true sense of those two words.

Sometimes, I hunger for calm and peace, especially in the space that my brain occupies, behind my eyes and between my ears. But, honestly, much as I relish the fleeting calm, I adore the highs, and they would not be quite so high, without the lows.

Concentration. No dilution. Distilled to the basic, overpowering essence. That’s what drives me and feeds my creativity. Writing without passion (of the dark sort or the light) for me, is almost impossible.


It’s time for another Stream of Consciousness Saturday post, prompted by the lovely Linda. This week, her prompt is ‘Concentration’ to be interpreted in any way we see fit. Can anyone identify with my thoughts, I wonder?

It’s a fun thing, to let your thoughts meander where they will. Why not hop on on over to Linda’s blog, read a few entries, or take the plunge and take part?

Without these – Prompt Night A Dash of Sunny


quadrille, cadmium red

a bleeding heart dashed on the rocks below

haiku, rose madder

soft cheeks blushing in childhood innocence

rondeau, prussian blue

shadowy arctic wastes and frozen marrow

triolet, permanent sap green

grass winking in the dewy dawn

perylene violet, davy’s grey, chinese white

free verse, prose



my passions

my heart

my soul

my raison d’être


i am but a shadow


This week, A Dash of Sunny invites us to write a poem inspired by passion. I wonder, can you guess what keeps me going in the face of day to day living?

Why not join in and take part? All are welcome and your host is a simply lovely lady!