Technicolour – dVerse Open Link Night


The skeletal beginnings and the nagging thought that maybe I can’t do it this time are soon engulfed in colour. I resist the temptation to fill the void with only one – scarlet in this case. No, I look closely and discern the many hues, the tones, the textures, the dark, the light. I dissect. I delight in the clatter as I discard one pencil for another. I revel in the aroma of graphite, pigment and wax. I rejoice in the rasp of wood on blade as I sharpen yet another to a pin-fine point.

I lose myself. I lose myself in the not-quite-smooth paper brushing against my hand. Cold pressed, hot pressed, Daler Rowney, Strathmore, Arches, Winsor & Newton – a magical mantra that is music to my ears. I lose myself in the creation of something where nothing once reigned.

I infuse paper
with the joy of rainbows – no
concerns can stop me

Tonight it’s the turn of the delectable and highly talented Bjorn to host the bar over at dVerse. I know that it’s usually Monday when we are invited to write a haibun, but I thought I’d mix it up a bit and share one with you this evening instead.

My other creative passion, relatively recently reignited, is art. Much like when I’m writing, I lose myself in the process, but in a very different way. I hope I’ve managed to impart that in my haibun!

Open Link Night is great fun, as are all the nights when the dVerse team open the doors and usher us in through the hallowed portals. Do come along, even if it’s just to read an enjoy. Or… why not take part yourself? I guarantee a warm welcome!

Puddles! – dVerse Poetics

This week’s dVerse Poetics has been a bit of a challenge for me, since children aren’t a huge part of my story and life. Still, I was a little girl once upon a time, and I can still connect with my inner silly ๐Ÿ™‚

So, I hope you enjoy this little ditty – and please visit dVerse to read all of the other creations!


– Puddles! –

Splish, splash, flubble, flosh
Jump in puddles, make them splosh
Stick your tongue out, raindrops tickle
Jewels of water, let them prickle.
Pitter, patter, flickle, flack
Umbrellas open with a crack!
Welly boots keep feet dry
Watch the rainbow fill the sky.
(And annoy your parents – ask them ‘Why?’!)