Microscopic – TJ’s Household Haiku Challenge


i am the shining

sand revealed as waves depart,

hard-ridged underfoot


who would have thought that

such tiny elements could

hurt bare arches so?


Doh! I linked to the wrong link on TJ’s blog earlier. Well, that means there is double the amount of haiku than normal – more for TJ’s new Haiku Hub!

This week’s prompt is actually ‘tide’ – I thought about what lies beneath the waves instead!

Please do hop on over the TJ’s blog, have a good read, and maybe offer up a haiku (or two) yourself?

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Bitter sun – Poetic Bloomings


the (hang)-dog days of summer

tangle themselves in my hair

and the curlicue corkscrews plaster themselves

to my forehead, shiny and greasy with sweat.

I attempt to cool myself

and enjoy a chilled glass of wine

but all I get is a headache

a dry mouth and a hankering for shade.

Summer nights under the stars ain’t all that –

in the northern hemisphere,

once the sun has gone and the sky is cloudless

you’re wishing for your duvet

and a hot cup of tea.

stars may be beautiful, tiny jewels above your head

but they don’t protect you from the chill

and crawling gooseflesh skin.

Yah, kissed by the sun is just  a euphemism –

for scorching sunburn –

for skin raked raw by sand

and swimsuit straps,

and don’t even tell me about trying to pat yourself dry after that needle-sharp shower.

Me? I love summer…


Here’s my latest offering to my new found love – ah, Poetic Bloomings, you are a treasure! Tonight, we are asked to use four (or more) of the ten phrases that are often used to sum up the summer experience.

I had great fun with this – and please, take it all as tongue in cheek. I love what passes for Summer here in the UK, although I do wish we had more, errr, sun!

Please do hope on over to Poetic Bloomings to take part, or just read and enjoy!

Andromeda – Poetic Bloomings


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Where the sea and night sky are stitched together

all is still as a millpond, all is calm

and the moon is reflected perfectly

an uninterrupted disc.

Suspended above and below,

you can hardly tell which is real

and which is facsimile.

But here, at the shoreline

white horses hiss against the shingle

flotsam and jetsam are flung at my feet

as my toes grip to find purchase in the shifting sand.

In my pensive mood, I think of us, of you, of me

and how to onlookers, we appeared so at one.

If only they had looked closer,

if only we had taken the time,

we would have seen the breakers

and the Sea of Tranquility

might have been saved.


This evening, I have been inspired by Bjorn’s beautiful poem and found a new poetry prompt over at Poetic Bloomings to write a poem centred on the moon. I hope you enjoy it.