A word that starts with ‘m’ – SoCS Oct 24/2020

Here’s this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday, courtesy of the lovely Linda. Please do take part, it’s fun to write and also fun to read the contributions from everyone else.

This week the prompt is a word that starts with ‘m’. Here’s my contribution. And you’re welcome to a slice of the programme that is constantly running in the back of my mind as I get on with the more mundane parts of my day…

My word that starts with ‘m’ is ‘manipulated’. No, it’s not about me, not now, at any rate. I have been manipulated before, but I’m older, wiser and stronger because of it, so there is that. That ain’t happening again, no siree (I don’t talk like that, it just seemed appropriate).

Words such as ‘manipulated’ are the themes running through my work in progress novel, Anti-Virus’, which is, and isn’t, about a pandemic (it’s kind of a Schrödinger’s pandemic, if you will).

Dystopian fiction, like many other types of fiction, requires an antagonist or two, or three to balance your protagonist’s journey through the pages. In my novel’s case, this involves a particular person, an organ of state and an industry. It’s one thing to determine if a particular character would act a certain way, but quite another to ask myself if an organ of state or an industry would do so. Or is it?

The simple answer to whether a person or indeed a non-natural entity would do anything to get their way is actually a question –


The answer to that question might not be so easy…!

Oh the joys of writing a novel. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

SoCS Dec 21/19 – Dorian Gray’s Cupboard

This time of year is full of pressure to mingle, to socialise, to network (if you’re in business), to buy, buy and spend, spend.

I’m not anti-social (yes, yes you are, Freya). I like (some) people. I love my partner. I love my family. I also love hunkering down, curling up under a blanket with a steaming cup of coffee or tea, a book, or a good film or my laptop so I can peck away at the keyboard on my work in progress novel. I like to put distance between me and The Outside.

Partly it’s how I’ve been for as long as I can remember. I was an only child until I was almost 13 – I was pretty self-reliant (and writing stories) even then. In fact, I’m almost certain my mum still has some of these stories filed away in the Sideboard of Doom. You know how Dorian Gray had his aging picture in the attic? I’m pretty sure that my mum’s excellent memory for All The Things Her Children Did When They Were Little is because she has filed pieces of our lives in that darned cupboard!


It’s time for Stream of Consciousness Saturday where the lovely Lynn invites us to write using a word that includes ‘ingle’ – I just added an M!

Please do join us to read, or let your mind wander and join in!

Seconds out – SoCS May 14/16


In time

the clock counts down the seconds





In time

we all revert to where we began





In time

all that seemed oh so important





In time

In time

In time


In time

Where do we go?


This week on Stream of Consciousness Saturday, Linda has allowed us free reign as to form, subject matter and so on. All that she asks is that our entry begins with a two letter word, and ends with a two letter word.

It’s a good job that this is all about stream of consciousness, since I have no idea where this poem came from on this sunny spring day here in England. I’m not feeling at all sad, even though the poem has that feel about it.

Why not take part yourself? Linda is an excellent host! Click here to find this week’s prompt.