Release – VisDare 61

“Come with me now.”

I raised my head gingerly, recalling a night of chills, pain and fever-riddled dreams.

The girl smiled, joy flooding her eyes. “We make you better.”

I doubted it. Oh, the sickness would go – but I had been travelling for so long and still I woke each morning, desolate.

She shepherded me through tall grasses. I heard tinkling bells in the distance, laughter and chanting.

The entire community had gathered by the river, bearing lit paper lanterns. The tiny flames punctured the early morning mists like stars fallen to earth.

“Grandfather left our world last night for eternal happiness. Now we wish him safe travels. You must do the same. You must let your loved one go.”

I took the lantern, paused and then launched it into the air, watching until it disappeared.

Enveloped in the embrace of strangers, I had set myself free.


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I’m back for another entry into Angela’s VisDare prompt, where the challenge is to respond, in 150 words or less, to the photo she puts up on her blog each week.The young lady is stunning, with such a winning smile, I just couldn’t resist!

I hope you enjoy it, please do take part. I’ll be linking up now and commenting on other contributions later!

Blistered – dVerse Open Link Week 125

Here’s my latest entry into the dVerse Open Link – why not take a look at all of the other wonderful responses?

Here’s another trip inside my dark future imaginings – all fiction, no semi-factual miseries are on display tonight!


– Blistered –

The firmament is empty, lost

Beseech the heavens however we may

Silence is our answer now

His throne is vacant, cobweb-strewn.


Spiders dance in macabre delight

Morals swept under carpets thick

With justification of mealy mouths

Speaking half-truths, lies, all lies.


We broke the world with ingrained hate

For ourselves and Nature’s joys

Greed and power have skewed our sight

We are profoundly broken.


The firmament is empty, lost

The abandoned house above, forlorn

Our spirits are directionless

Our hearts are vacant, shattered.