The Old Life – dVerse Open Link Week 113

Because I need to write these days in the same way that I need to breathe, because today has been different and because I like rules, but not too many, here’s my first (and not my last) entry into the dVerse Open Link. In honour of everyone who has lived a life.


The Old Life

Today, we reminisced about old times:
Remember when
I’d forgotten how
Can you really believe?

Today, we laughed about how they
looked down on us
sneered at our clothes
told us to behave.

And yet as we shared our memories
of a hotel with ideas above its station,
I held a picture in my mind’s eye 
of a carefree girl with curly brown hair.
Giggling, wearing a shapeless shirt
and those jeans with the broken zip.

And I wonder where she went.
And I wonder.
And I wonder.