This is the End – dVerse Open Link Week 126

Here’s my latest entry into the dVerse Open Link – why not take a look at all of the other wonderful poems for the last time in 2013?

Here’s my perspective on the end of the year… run for your lives – or not!


– This is the End –

Find the time and squeeze it in

Just one more thing before you go

‘Would you mind?’ and

‘Could you look into this?’

Yes, it’s the end of year rush

to get everything done.

Because the world will end

if the tiniest task is left unfinished

Hell will freeze over, all clocks will cease

If we’re not chained to our desks

Until the very bitter end or

until public transport is on its last legs.

Here’s the thing – it’s all a con

dictated by the start of a brand new year

(You do know that

not everywhere uses the

Gregorian calendar, don’t you?)

If you leave just a few jobs until 2014 –

the ones which aren’t urgent

in your own, sensible estimation –

All will be well.

I guarantee it.