Mulani – Friday Fictioneers


“Your grandfather was a gajo, he made the place as much like a vardo for your grandmother as possible, but without having to move. He was a homebody.”

I stared at Mother, at the curious little stone house, the wheel seeming to prop it up on a hidden axle.

“Was she happy?”

“She was his mollisher. She chose to marry out!”

I heard the sneer in her voice, the sprinkle of Romani for her, not me.

I looked up at the mountain tops, the splendid isolation. Such freedom, yet such a prison. Nowhere to go for granny.

I wept.


Better late than never for this week’s Friday Fictioneers – thank you Rochelle for the weekly inspiration!

I thought this little old house looked a bit like a caravan, with a wheel stuck in the ground, hence I went down the Romani route this week.

mulani – ghost

vardo – Romani wagon

gajo – an adult male who isn’t Romani

mollisher – woman, wife

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